~Projects, Cats, And My Little Niece~

Hey Everyone,

Happy April! So sorry as always that I didn’t post anything for a week. I was sad and depressed for some reason and it affected everything that week. But I’m back and have things to share with y’all. First being that my Mimi and Papa are coming up to visit! I’m really excited and can’t wait to see them. They will be here for Easter and then my Mama’s birthday. It should be lots of fun and hopefully relaxing. It is always a hit and miss when family visits about whether or not it will be filled with going places and loud or just relaxing and mostly quiet conversation. I’m hoping for relaxing. 🙂 But I know that there will always be times of loud and lots going on.

But before my Mimi and Papa get here, we are trying to finish things around the house and yard. The house is a little easier than the yard. Mostly because it’s just straightening up inside, but with the yard its more work. I still need to finish my side of the garden. Thankfully I only have a small section that needs to be weeded and woodchipped. 🙂 But the hardest part to getting up all the sticks. It’s never ending! You pick up sticks one day and you feel so accomplished and then the next day the breeze picks up and you look out the window and want to cry. The yard again is sprinkled with sticks and tree limbs. I usually don’t mind because I need woodchips for the garden and having so many sticks around is a blessing. It’s when you want the yard to look nice and you can’t keep up with all of them that it’s bothersome. But it’s still nice to not need to buy woodchips. 🙂

One thing that isn’t straightening up inside that I will be working on today is finishing painting a couple of doors. Then tomorrow I will finish painting my parents’ bedroom door. The Master ceiling still needs painting and will probably done after my Mimi and Papa leave. That should give my Mama and Dad enough time to decide on a color for the Master bedroom. My Mama wanted pink, my Dad liked the blues. So, I thought maybe purple but my Dad really didn’t like the purple so right now there are blues and green paint samples up on the walls. My Mama likes the blues as long as it isn’t baby blue so we’ll see.

Ok so random story, that I wanted to share with y’all about what’s been keeping me up at night when I’m not reading to an unreasonable hour. lol. The cats have been needing to get energy out lately at twelve-thirty am to one-thirty am. So, I’m either trying to get cats tired or chasing Albus and Acadia around the living room to get them to stop playing to rough. Albus is really oblivious to his size and doesn’t seem to understand why Acadia is hissing at him. He likes to chase her and wrestle but he’s twice as big as her. Then Acadia likes to hide and jump out at Albus and chase him but doesn’t like when he does it back. So, I try and get their hyper energy out before all that happens, but they don’t always want to play with me. Darn cats. lol. 🙂 And while all this is happening, Sunny is watching like some type of referee and when it gets to rough will stalk the others and bite their necks to get them to calm down. It doesn’t work.

I know that was random, but it has been driving me nuts having to keep three crazy cats from hurting each other at night. I wish they would play during the day; I would have more energy to play the way they like then. They just want to chase and pounce. At night I can’t really run the length of the house without waking others up. I have tried running quietly though, it wasn’t as fun. 🙂

~Acadia taking a nap on the recliner~

Alright so, here’s a little update on my Little Niece. 🙂 She has decided that she’s still scared of chickens but will feed them seed and collect eggs if you hold her. Also, we have started a little chore list with her, and she is making pennies for her piggy bank. So far, she has made a bit over two dollars. At first, we had given her a bank that my Mimi and painted in ceramics but then we found a soft kids piggy bank at the antique store in town. It oinks when you put in change! It’s pink and has colorful stars on it and is perfect for my Little Niece. But for some reason my Little Niece hears ‘hot hot’ instead of ‘oink oink’ when putting change in. 🙂 It’s so cute! It’s like when she used to her ‘gong gong’ instead of ‘twinkle twinkle’. She hears one syllable and makes her own word up or decides on another.

Ok so lastly before I go I wanted to tell you about her obsession with baby shark lately. Every time she sees the colors the sharks are from the video clips, she’ll let you know which one is baby (Yellow), Mama (Pink), Daddy (Blue), Grandma (Orange or peach), Grandpa (Green), and Auntie (Purple). There was one rendition of baby shark that had ‘Auntie Shark’. She’s wanting one of us to sing it with her almost all the time and do the hand movements. She’ll even sing herself to sleep singing baby shark or her version of baby shark. lol. You don’t even need to have the volume on the monitor to hear her singing. We hear in the living room ‘Doo do doo doo!’ 🙂 If that’s not an obsession I don’t know what is. lol. Ok, I can keep going but I’ll stop, bye for today!

~Till Tomorrow~


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