~OCC April Gift List And Theme~

Hey Everyone,

Today I have for y’all the April gift list! Which is Stuffed Animals! This is always a fun one to do. There is so many fun and cute stuffed animals to choose from that sometimes it’s hard to actually choose. 🙂 But remember that unless you want it to be the focus of your box to pick a smaller animal. This way you are able to put in all the school supplies and hygiene items you’ve collected in as well. Sometimes though it is fun to make the stuffed animal the focus of the box. When you do this, it is called a ‘Wow’ item.

As for the theme for this month. I went the easy route so to speak and chose EASTER! I love Easter stuff. When I was little all the bunny stuff and pastel colors just bought me so much joy. As I got older, I really loved the cross necklaces, pencils, and notebooks. What are some of your favorite Easter things? Have fun and fill a box in all pastel colors, or just things with crosses, maybe even a box with all bunny stuff. Remember whatever you chose the Lord uses for His Glory! 🙂

~Till Tomorrow~


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