~Garden, Spiders, And My Little Niece~

Hey Everyone,

I hope you all have had a good week and are ready for a new one!

Alright so this past week I have been busy working on the garden. Weeding and moving woodchips. Its looking good so far and can’t wait to see it finished. I hope to finish my side of the garden before my Mimi and Papa get here April 15th, we’ll see. My Dad’s been busy moving the clay from his side of the garden and getting it ready for compost. He’ll will be ordering a big truck load for his side. Afterwards all those sticks in our yard will become woodchips! 🙂 We have a lot of sticks, my Dad calls our place the stick farm.

When I’m not working in the garden, I’m doing stuff around the house like going through stuff and finishing up all my organizing. I had to ask for my Mama’s help on Saturday I am officially overwhelmed. My Mama is really good at helping me go through stuff. I was stuck on all the blankets that were just laying on my floor. The problem was that my Mimi and my Mama made me these blankets. They had a lot of semimetal value. But I didn’t use a lot of them anymore. So, my Mama and I made a deal, I would get rid of the one she made me, and she would make me something smaller. lol. 🙂 She didn’t really like the yarn she used, and I think wanted me to get rid of it.

Anyway, I have also been working on crocheting animals for the Farm Stand. They sell pretty fast. There is another lady making knitted bunnies right now so my animals may not sell that fast this month. But we do make different kinds of animals so maybe this month will still be a good one.

Ok so, I have a little story about a spider to share with y’all today. I’m really scared of spiders just so you know. Alright, so I was in the living room crocheting watching tv when I noticed the cats flocking toward the floor vent. I thought to myself ‘oh no not another skink coming through the vent.’ So, I went to check it out and instead of a skink it was a big spider! It was nighttime and my parents were in bed, but I didn’t care at that moment and went and got my Dad. He tried to get it but it went down the vent again. A few nights later on Friday it was a little after 2am when I noticed Acadia by the stool near the vent and she kind of did a snuffing sound like something got her on the nose. It ended up being the spider of course. My Little Niece was staying that night so I needed to be quite. I turned on the light and grabbed a boot. I couldn’t do it. So grabbed a mason jar to cover it. My Mama found me standing there holding a mason jar with a boot next to me and my shoulders to my ears, and Acadia watching on. She had to kill it for me. But she even said that it freaked her out with how big it was. It was the biggest spider I’ve ever seen in the house!

Before for I go for the day here is a little about St. Patrick’s Day and then a little on my Little Niece. For St. Patrick’s Day my Mama and I made a version of Irish food. We didn’t have beef for the shepherd’s pie, so my Mama used chicken. She also used carrots, peas, and half a squash for the inside. The recipe called for four potatoes, but we only had three. While Mama cooked the shepherd pot pie, I made soda muffins and green sugar cookies. It was really good!

My Mama and I watched ‘Darby and the Little People’ off of Disney while eating dinner. We usually watch ‘Luck of the Irish’ but decided to do something different this year. It was fun and relaxing. Here are some pictures from Thursday.

Here is an update on my Little Niece. She is so funny! Just on Friday we were outside playing in the back yard and my Dad brought out her little wheelbarrow. She took one look at it and climb in. I don’t really know why she insisted in sitting in it but she did. We push her around in the big wheel barrow but we never before in the little one. So, I pushed her around in a circle before she noticed my Mama taking her picture and wanted to get out. She really doesn’t like her photo taken lately. Most of these pictures are of her giving the camara a grumpy look. 🙂

On Saturday morning it was really nice outside, so we played out front. She’s still scared of the chickens even if she still wants to see them and feed them. My Mama brought out the bubbles and the chalk. She wanted the bubbles, so my Mama blew the first ones, and the breeze took the bubbles way up and down the yard. My Little Niece chased them running calling out ‘Bubbles! Stop!’ It was so funny and cute I laughed so hard. lol. Thankfully we don’t live by the road but up on a little hill I guess you can call it. After the bubbles we played with her favorite ball that she just wanted Grandaddy to kick it up high. She thought it hilarious. My Dad kicked it so high it ended up hitting the branches in the topmost part of the trees. Thankfully it didn’t get stuck in the branches. 🙂

Alright, that’s it for today!

~Till Tomorrow~


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