~OCC Zoom Chat 2022~

Hey Everyone,

So, today I want to share with you a little about the zoom chat I had with my friends. We weren’t able to get together the last couple of months, so we decide to have a zoom chat till we can. It turned out to be a good idea because we were able to discuss ideas for the rest of the OCC year.

Like what crafts that we want to make, to how many boxes we want to fill, and who’s house to meet at and when. It was decided that we would meet at my house first because I have lots of craft supplies. My friend D mentioned, along with my friend E, about going through what I have here, that way we know what we already have. It also helps with knowing when we need to have the get together at my house.

Anyway, we came up with some new ideas for crafts and decided on some older ideas we want to do again. Some of the crafts that we have made in the past are make tin crafts, fabric dolls, tote bags, and headbands. My friend D had the idea to tie dye shirts and stuff for the boxes and to make beaded bracelets this year. My friend E wasn’t sure about what to make yet, but I know that she was thinking about sewing tote bags. I hope she does because I don’t have time to sew any this year myself.

We also worked out a money plan for the year that hopefully works out. Each month the three of us will put $9 towards shipping cost. D said that she could keep the money for us. So, that is one last thing that I need to think about. If we did $9 each from January till October, we would have enough money to ship thirty boxes a year!

It was also talked about having a spread sheet to help us know what we have and what we need. Each one of us has a bucket for a different age. I have 10-14. So, what I would do is make a list to tape to the top of the bucket that will have written on it:

  1. What I need to get
  2. How many I want to get
  3. A spot to check off when I have the amount written
  4. Lastly how many I actually have.

Here’s a picture.

At the end of our Zoom meeting, we made plans to meet on April 4th. We hope to get started on crafting after planning out what we have.

All right, I’ve ramble long enough 🙂 that’s all for now!

~Till Tomorrow~


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