~March Snow And More~

Hey Everyone,

I hope you had a good week last week!

I have a few things to share with y’all today. One of which is the weird weather we have been having here lately. On Saturday we had rain, sleet, and snow! When just a few days before I could go outside in capris and a t-shirt! The snow even stuck to the ground for the rest of the day. Because of the weird weather Saturday, we didn’t go to the Celtic Festival like we had wanted. It was sad missing it but at the same time I was tired because my Little Niece ended up staying on Friday night instead of Saturday like we originally planned. I’m still a little upset that they didn’t reschedule it to a different day. They still had it! Can you believe it! It must have been like the true Scottish Highland games because of the weather. 🙂

The snow melted away yesterday and today it is sunny and warm. 🙂 It will be really spring like weather this week. So, lots of yard work will be getting done around here. I’m still working on hauling clay and woodchips from one side of the garden. I feel like I have made good progress so far though. When digging up all that clay I noticed we still have good compost underneath, and it isn’t covered in weeds because of all the clay cover. So, it will be pretty easy to build up again. With the chickens scratching around in the garden and the compost piles the dirt is looking, a lot richer. It’s so cool to see how the compost breaks down and turns to dirt! Well, I think it is. 🙂

When I haven’t been working outside this past week I have been crocheting and working on edits for ~The Fairies Quest~. My editor asked me to do a good amount of rewriting. I had over five hundred ‘ing’ throughout the story. I have been working on getting rid of as many as possible. It’s harder than I thought it would be. I’ve only finished up to the fourth chapter, but I hope to finish rewriting it all this week. it’s sounding much better already. I didn’t even realize that there was so many ‘ings’ in my writing! But after she pointed them out, they are all I can see. I’m very thankful to the Lord for my editor and for online Thesauruses. I’ve come to learn in the past week that some words need ‘ings’ and others do not. Some that I have tried changing, I have looked them up on the online Thesaurus, and found that all the other words I could use also have ‘ing’ at the end. Then other words have many different options to choose from. Definitely learning a lot. 🙂

Also, it was my Little Nieces Mama’s Birthday today! So, we had a birthday dinner with the family tonight instead of last night. We had tacos and rice for dinner, opened presents, and then had red velvet cupcakes.

Here is a little bit about how my Little Niece has been this week. She has started play acting! We took a walk after dinner on Friday, and she kept on acting like she was upset and would hold her stomach with her head down. Whenever we would talk and not give her our full attention, she would start up again. It was funny to see. Also, she’s still afraid of the chickens. She still wants to give them seed and calls out’ Gigi Cluck Cluck’ to get their attention. But she wants us to be holding her at the time. 🙂 If she on the ground, I guess that they are too close to her size for comfort. Anyway, here are some pictures, there are some from her birthday last week that wouldn’t come through last time. 🙂

Before I go for the day there is one last thing that I wanted to share. My parents and I have been watching this show called the Chosen. It is about the life of Jesus and His ministry. It’s really good! This is the first show that keeps to the Bible and quotes the Word sticking to the truth of what really happened. It really draws you in! I encourage you all to look it up and see for yourselves. My parents and I are only on the second season, season three just came out. I hope you find it as uplifting and encouraging as we do. 🙂

~Till Tomorrow~


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