~My Little Niece’s 2nd Birthday~

Hey Everyone!

Happy First Week of March!!! I hope that y’all had a full and fun first week like I did!

This past week has been busy with painting and my Little Nieces 2nd birthday. The start of the week found my parents and I painting the master bathroom. My Dad did the ceiling, while my Mama and I worked on the vanity and walls, and I painted the door. It looks so good! It’s exciting to see it done and bright. Before it was white and dull, it didn’t make you feel happy. I know that my Mama has wanting the bathroom painted since we moved here nine years ago. So, it is nice to see it finished and I’m ready to move on to the next project. 🙂 We will be painting my parents’ bedroom next.

We finished the bathroom on Thursday night, we worked hard to get it done before Friday. Why is that? Because it was my Little Nieces 2nd Birthday on Friday!

She even got to stay over that night as well. I wasn’t sure if she was because of her birthday and all. But her Mama and Daddy said sure. It also gave them time to get some stuff done before the party Saturday. So, we had a little birthday fun while she was here. Squash and zucchini, mac and cheese, with chicken for dinner. A Hostess cupcake for desert after singing happy birthday. We tried to make the birthday song fun because for some reason she’s scared of it. She was fine with me singing it on our walk. So, I have been wondering if it has something to do with us singing it when the cake and candle come out. I know she gets embarrassed when to many people are watching her. I don’t know.

We still had fun while she was here. We took a after dinner walk and she ran down the driveway and back up halfway laughing and saying ‘itsy, itsy, itsy’ over and over again. It was really cute! The driveway is long also, so, I was surprised that she ran so far for her short little legs. lol. All that running ended up wearing her out and she fell asleep pretty fast after she sang her version of baby shark before going to bed. It’s adorable seeing her on the baby monitor sitting up and singing to herself, then kissing her doll JJ and tucking him in before laying down also.

After she was in bed, I worked on her birthday cake. I had baked the cakes earlier in the day I just needed to make the ganache and the vanilla cream filling. I started to put it together Friday night but ended up finishing it Saturday afternoon. I need to make just a little more ganache and the buttercream for the white swirl for the top of the cake.

So, on Saturday was my Little Niece’s Birthday party. Her Mama made bar-b-que and pasta salad, and had potato salads, coleslaw, and fried chicken for everyone. We ate dinner with my Little Niece in my lap eating off of four plates. She is a little food stealer. LOL. She ate off of her plate, my plate, and then our Aunt D’s plate. Ended up eating all of the pasta from my pasta salad. She did the same to Aunt D’s as well. It was funny to watch her eat. After dinner we did cake and presents. My Mama asked me to film so I did. But my Little Niece ended up really crying when everyone started singing to her. My brother ended up having to take her to the side to calm her down. After the tears we had cake, and everyone seemed to like it because not much was left afterwards. My Aunt D even teased that I missed her birthday and for her next one she wants a giant Twinkie. I may actually try that. My Mama says that I should make her one for her next birthday. 🙂

After cake was presents and the pinata. My Little Niece got a lot of stickers. She loves stickers! She also got a new inflatable pool for the summer from her parents. She loves the water, so she’ll probably be in that pool all summer. My parents had gotten her a swing set that my Dad set up the week before and she loves the slide and little trampoline. I got her a big pink ball for outside; she loves it thankfully. She laughed herself silly playing with it on Saturday evening. Here are some pictures of Saturdays party.

Well, I had more pictures that I had wanted to share with y’all today, but pictures are not sending to my email. I will try and post them next week. That is all for today. I hope you all have a good week!

~Till Tomorrow~


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