~Projects and Birthday Cakes~

Hey Everyone,

Happy last day of February! Can you believe that this week is my Little Nieces second Birthday on Friday! She is so full of personality and life; I can’t wait to see what this year holds for her.

Ok so, before I tell you how my Little Niece is doing, a little about my week. This past week I have been busy with getting projects done, crocheting, reading up about Angora Rabbits, and going over edits on ~The Fairies Quest~. Lots getting done.

I have been painting my parent’s bathroom by priming the door and vanity. We had trim paint that I was going to use to finish the door and vanity, but it didn’t really cover. So, my Mama went out Saturday to getting new trim paint and the wall color. Once the vanity and door are finished and the ceiling painted the bathroom will be ready to have the walls done. I’m really excited to get the Master Bath finished, we have been wanting to get the bathroom painted for years.

Other projects that I have been working on is moving dirt and gravel dust from one part of the yard to the next. Filling holes in the driveaway with gravel dust and a dip in the front yard with compost. It doesn’t sound like much, but I found that without my Dad’s help it would have taken my even longer than just a week. 🙂 The driveway never seemed so long! lol. Once that dirt was moved, I started moving more dirt! Moving some more compost then all those woodchips we put in the garden last summer, out of the garden. The woodchips are from when we had all those pine trees stumps ground up. When we moved the woodchips into the garden it brought all the clay with it. So, now we have a big pile of clay. I started moving it to a different part of the yard Saturday but it is so sticky that we have decided to move it again, this time to the woods in the back. My shoulders are not going like me for a while after all of the shoveling I’ve been doing. 🙂

After all of that I hope to get some seeds planted and get the garden box filled with vegetable plants. I just need to gate off the garden so that Fleur doesn’t tear up all my plants like she did my broccoli. Silly chicken!

Also, I have been practicing my Little Nieces birthday cake. I’m glad that I have because the first came may have looked good, but it didn’t taste good to me. The cake recipe didn’t have eggs, it was oil based, but I think the part that made it taste weird was the expresso powder. It wasn’t really sweet but kind of bland. But the ganache icing and the buttercream swirls on the top worked out. The marshmallow cream filling was good it just didn’t taste like Hostess cupcake cream filling. So, I tried a new chocolate cake recipe Friday night and a new filling, this time a vanilla cream. The cake tastes awesome and so does the filling. The problem, I’ve never made vanilla cream before, and it curdled. I’ll be practicing just the cream filling a couple of times this week before I need to make the cake for the party.

Here are some pictures of the cake and some new toys my Mama and I found at a thrift store for the yard.

Alright here is a little bit about my Little Niece this week. She is very expressive and also very loud. 🙂 She has discovered shouting for fun, like when we play, she will stop and just shout at the top of her lungs and then grin. lol. She has also started acting like she is talking on the phone. My Mama got a couple of videos of her last night acting like she was calling Mimi and Papa on a cellphone. It was really cute. She had a lot to say we just don’t know what she was saying. 🙂 After she would hang up and dial again. Well act like she was dialing and hanging up.

All right that’s all for today!

~Till Tomorrow~


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