~No Sew Pouches~

Hey Everyone,

Today I have for you a craft for you, no sew pouches!

You can use these pouches for lots of different things in shoeboxes, like holding hairbows, marbles, jacks, or toy cars. I’m sure there’s lots more but these are the ones that I thought of so far. Here’s what you’ll need.

*Fabric *Ribbon or String *Scissors *Chalk Pencil *Ruler *Your Choice of Circle Template (I used a 12 inch circle)

1)The first thing you need to do is iron your fabric. Once it’s ironed lay out your fabric and trace your template.

2) Cut out your traced circle. After you cut out your circle it’s time to cut the slits around the edges. I did mine 1/2 inch from the top edge and 3 inches apart. If I was to make another one, I would make the slits closer together, maybe 1 1/2 inches apart instead. That way if you are using your pouch for marbles, they won’t fall out through the holes.

3)After cutting the slits thread the ribbon or string through the holes. Make sure that the ribbon/string ends come out on the outside of your pouch and not on the inside. Once done leave enough ribbon/string to tie into a bow! 🙂

Here is what my finished pouch looks like!

~Till Tomorrow~


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