~February OCC Gift List And Theme~

Hey Everyone,

Here is February’s gift list. It’s Accessories!

Think necklaces, bracelets, sunglasses, watches, hair ties, headbands, ankle bracelets, and rings. Girls would love to get necklaces and bracelets. But they aren’t the ones that people struggle with when they think of accessories, is it. The boys are what lots of people struggle with. I know that my friends do. But I grow up with an older brother, so it has helped me a lot not to be as afraid when buying things for them. Who knows maybe the young man that gets the box you packed likes accessories. Sunglasses and watches are what we think of when we get accessories for boy boxes. But don’t forget to look for some cool necklaces or bracelets even ankle bracelets. There are ones made just for boys that don’t look girly. 🙂 My brother loved his shell necklace when younger as well as watches, sunglasses, and he even had an ankle bracelet. I wouldn’t mention these except that old styles are coming back again. So, have fun with it and think outside the box so to speak. lol. 🙂

As for the Theme for the month it is Owls!

This literally just came to mind because I looked up and saw one of our valentine decorations with an owl sitting in a heart tree. lol. Also, my Little Niece really likes the owls that my Mama has around. So, owls are the theme for the month. There are lots of owl things out there. From patterns on notebooks and socks, too stuffed animals and fun shirts. Have fun looking for colorful owl things for shoeboxes. Maybe even fill a whole box with owl stuff. This theme can work for Girls and boys depending on the colors you choose for your owls. More outdoorsy deep greens, blues, browns, and reds make me think of boys. But maybe you see it differently than I do. Have fun with it!

~Till Tomorrow~


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