~Happy Last Monday Of January~

Hey Everyone,

Happy last Monday of January!

I hope you all had a good month and that this next one is even better. My last week of January has gone by fast. By Tuesday I was feeling better thankfully and because I was, my Little Niece came to stay the night. Well, that and my brother’s family was having a heat pump being put in that night. So, my Mama offered for her to stay the night. My niece acted like she hadn’t seen us in a month or something. It had only been a little over a week. I loved how she ran to me when she saw me. It did my heart good. She also stayed with us on Friday night like usual, so we had a double dose of my Little Niece last week. 🙂

But by Saturday morning she was ready to head home. She didn’t understand why she was staying so soon after Tuesday, you could just tell. To her it was Friday a couple of days ago. But she still was her goofy self and had fun. She even woke me earlier than usual. I’m not a morning person at all and tend to sleep late. So, my Mama usually can hold her off till ten before she comes running into my room calling ‘Aunie! Aunie!’ But not on Saturday, my Mama tried to have her go get my Dad but instead she ran down the hall to my room at nine fifteen and woke me. The last few times she’s stayed my Little Niece has been waking me up a little earlier each time. But so far this was the earliest. 🙂 But it is the best way to wake up that’s for sure.

Here are pictures of my Little Niece for y’all. A couple of the photos she’s making a funny face. She’s sitting on my lap watching tv when my Dad got and took a picture. Well, the look on her face is hilarious when she sees my Dad taking the picture. As always she didn’t want her photo taken.

Other things that I have done this last week is…. I sent my book to an editor! I have been working on getting it ready for the last month and am so happy to finally send it out. I keep checking my email to see if she is willing to edit it or not. But haven’t heard anything yet. Till then I will work on other things like stuff for the Farm Stand.

The table there is getting really bare and I don’t like how bare. So, I have made some Headbands and a couple of pinch clips. They are one of the easiest things to make because the flowers are already made ahead of time, other things will take longer. I need to make small animals like owls, patchwork puppies, bumblebees, and bunnies. I also want to make jar openers and dish cloths for the table as well. I feel like there was something else that I wanted to make but can’t seem to remember. I’m sure it will come to me sometime this week though.

Let’s see what else, well it snowed again this past week. It wasn’t a lot but still beautiful. It’s already melting, and the chickens and Slippers are happy that it is. It’s supposed to get in the sixties sometime this week. My Mama is very happy about that, and the animals will agree with her. 🙂 It has been cold here lately and I’m feeling bad for Slippers. I wish she just let us bring her inside the garage/basement. When we tried a few weeks ago she got scared and scratched my Mama and I up. We haven’t tried again.

Ok, lastly before I go for the day, I have a couple more things that I wanted to share with y’all. Our chicken Gigi has started laying eggs this winter which I have shared before. But what is interesting is how big the eggs she is laying are. When our chickens aren’t laying eggs, we buy large eggs from the store. The stores large eggs compared to Gigi’s look like smalls. I have never seen a chicken egg so large before. I know that there are people out there that have but I’m not one of them. My Mama says it looks not like a double yolk but a triple. I have to agree! Their huge!

When you crack into them though it’s one yolk. I have a picture of the store egg compared to Gigi’s in the slideshow below.

Also, we have a racoon couple that comes most nights to eat the cat food by the door. I named them Mr. and Mrs. Weasley and that they come here for date night. lol.

Here are some pictures!

~Till Tomorrow~


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