~Hand Puppets For 2-4 Boxes~

Hey Everyone,

Today I have a craft for all the crafters out there who like to sew! One of the things I’ve always wanted to put in 2-4 year old shoeboxes is puppets but they’re not cheap. So, I decided to look up how to make my own. Here is what I made and how to make one yourself. 🙂

Supplies *Felt or Fabric *Thread and Needle *Scissors *Pencil or Chalk Pencil *Templet *Glue (optional)

1) Print a paper templet that you like off google. Or if you want, make your own. Trace the templet out with pencil or chalk on your fabric or felt then cut out. Make sure you cut out two of them. One for each side of your puppet.

2) Next cut out the features for its face. If you need ears also cut them out for later. Before you sew the two sides together hand sew the face onto your puppet. If you want you can glue the face on instead.

3) Either hand sew, or machine sew both sides together. I’m ok with having the seam on the outside so sewed the outside edge. But if you want you can make it so that the seam in on the inside. If your animal has ears that are not on your templet then pin them onto one of your puppet halves before sewing. When you sew the sides together it will keep them firmly in place. 🙂

Once done cut the extra thread and then you have a super cute puppet for your shoebox!

I hope you had fun with this simple easy craft! I know that I did!

~Till Tomorrow~


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