~A Short Post This Week~

Hey Everyone,

Happy last week of January!

This last week I have been working hard on getting my book ready to be edited. Trying to get it down to ten thousand words. My Mama has been helping me and because of that I have gotten a lot more done then if I was doing it myself. Grammer has never been my strong suit, some sentences have needed to be reworked. My Mama has really helped me with all of that stuff. I can’t wait to send it out to the editor and have already started on a second book! πŸ™‚

I have also been working on my craft business, making wrist warmers and hats. I have two orders that I need to get done soon. One for a patchwork puppy and another for a baby snuggle blanket that looks like a sloth. I have the patchwork puppy pattern and have been making them for years. But I haven’t made the sloth baby blanket before so will need to order it. Thankfully the sloth is for my Mimi and if I mess up and need to try again, she won’t mind.

When not working on crocheting or my book I have been updating old posts for this blog. I hadn’t put tags on any of my old posts, didn’t realize they needed them. I had to add tags from the very first post till sometime in summer of 2021. oops. I haven’t actually finished updating yet I have only reached June 2020. A year to go!

I have also been getting back to yoga. You probably have heard of yoga with Adriene, she started YouTube videos in 2012. I started on the first video and am working my way through the foundations of yoga. I hope to work though as many of the clips as I can. But she has a LOT of clips and keeps making them! I read a commit that someone posted in one of her videos it said that they were trying to do ALL of her clips. I found myself wanting to do the same, but with her making so many new ones that may never happen. Nine years of videos, I would have to do multiple clips a day everyday just to get somewhat close to this year’s clips.

Alright I know that this post isn’t long. Actually, it is one of my shortest. But I haven’t been feeling well this week and don’t have much to share. I have had a low-grade fever since Friday, and it just doesn’t want to go away. So, I have been resting but still nothing. Anyway, that just means I don’t have much to share. I hope that y’all have been well!

Before I go here are some pictures. My Little Niece from the first snow earlier this month to this week. Also, so pictures from last year around this time! SO CUTE!!! I forgot how small she was! Also, her new shoes and Sunny posing for a photo. πŸ™‚

~Till Tomorrow~


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