~Snowstorms and More~

Hey Everyone!

Ok, so last week I said that I would tell you a little bit more about the power being out. So, on the third this month we had a snowstorm. But it was the rain and sleet that turn into ice that caused the problems. Trees down everywhere, over lines, and across roads. We lost power Monday morning and didn’t get it back till Wednesday, so not that long without power. But our internet didn’t come back on till Sunday night.

With the snowstorm over 80,000 people were without power with the electrical company that we have. That includes my brother and his family. While we have a generator they don’t. So, they came to stay on Monday. I had lots of fun having my Little Niece around. She seemed to love being over and thought it great having us around all the time. She went through a I only want Grandmommy faze while here. Whenever my Mama left the room, you would here Grandmama! Grandmama! πŸ™‚

My brother and them didn’t get their power back till Thursday night. By the time it turned on my Little Niece was ready for bed. So, her parents went home to get the house ready for the next day. She didn’t seem to mind. She acted like it was her annual weekly sleepover even though she had been sleeping over since Monday. Someone knows that her parents would never leave her. πŸ™‚ We had fun hanging out with her and doing our usual nightly routine. She was more than ready to head home come morning. My Little Nieces poor Mama though was very stressed the whole time. She was so worried about their house and the cats. But all worked out in the end.

Here are some pictures of the snow. πŸ™‚

By Tuesday the snow really melted, and my Mama and I decided to just go out for a country ride. We had planned to go to a thrift store, but they ended up being closed. So, we took a ride instead. We ended up a little turned around, and I panicked a little. I really had no reason to panic we knew the town just not which way to get home. LOL. I ended up nervous laughing and finally looked up GPS on my phone in the end. We were about ten minutes from the Farm Stand we found out. So, we stopped in before heading back home. It was fun I got to see two little towns; one I haven’t seen in years. I knew we weren’t far from home, but the unknown seems to bring out the fear.

After seeing those towns, I have decided that I would like to do little day trips this year. I would love to go to the stores and have a picnic in the country. Walking the streets and just relaxing. Sounds fun to me! πŸ™‚

I would love to see one of the stores that I had thought of selling my crocheting at as well. It’s about forty-five minutes away I think, but the town it’s in seems so cute. It’s a small with small shops and the pictures online make me want to go and walk the streets and take pictures of the shops. Maybe this spring or summer.

Alright I have a little update on my book. I have written the last chapter, but it is still the first draft. Some chapters need POV changing and editing. I had an editor that was willing to edit my book, but I didn’t finish as fast as I had hoped. Anyway, I have a new editor in mind I just need to call her. We used to go to church with her and she has also written a children’s book. I know that with her Christian perspective that I don’t need to worry about her changing where I’m going with the story. πŸ™‚

I have also been busy lately with going through stuff like I do every year. But this year I have really stuck with it. In the past I have only really done my room and then stopped. I don’t feel like I got rid of a lot either. But this year I am determined to go through all my stuff and get rid of as much as possible. It just feels like to much stuff and I would love it to be gone. That I believe is what you really need to feel when going through things. Because in the past I didn’t, and I hung on to a lot. But now I really just want space, I need space. So, I started the Marie Kondo organizing list again. I did all my clothes, books, papers, and all my craft supplies. It was the craft stuff that has lasted the longest. When you have a whole room dedicated to crafting it tends to take the longest. But I finely finished going through all my stuff and organizing the craft room Friday. So, I’m very happy! πŸ™‚

Here’s a few pictures of the amount of stuff I had! All I have to say is Oy Vay!

Ok, before I go for the day, I have a little update on my Little Niece for y’all. πŸ™‚ She is growing so fast. Her hair has gotten so long and can be put into a ponytail now. She is learning new things left, right, and center. But if she doesn’t want to do something she lets you know. She loves colors and numbers, as well as puppies right now. And as always loves music. Always has to have music. Show that she likes, have to have some type of music and singing otherwise it doesn’t hold her attention for long. We found out also that she isn’t really into snow. My brother says that they have a beach baby. She does love water. Her Mama also loves the water, and my brother loved the water when he was younger. So, she has it from both sides I believe. She is also really starting to talk a lot more clearly. My Mama just got a video of her helping her Mama put water bottles in the fridge. She looked at her Mama and said, “Mama help.” I love her. πŸ™‚

Alright here are pictures of my Little Niece for the week!

Hope y’all have a good week!

~Till Tomorrow~


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