~2022’s January OCC Gift List~

Hey Everyone

Happy New OCC Year! lol.

A new year and new ideas. This is the time to start praying for the boxes that you will be filling. About what to fill them with. But mostly for the Child that will be receiving your gift. So lets start this OCC year off with prayer!

Dear Lord,

Thank you for Operation Christmas Child. Thank you for the opportunity to fill boxes for kids in need. Thank you for chance to help show your love in this small way. Lord we lift up the children that will be receiving shoeboxes this year and ask that they be open to hearing of your love. That they will feel your love and peace. That they find you. Thank you Lord! In Jesus name, Amen.

Alright so know the gift for the month. I know that it’s a little late but the gift of the month is Hats, Scarves, and Gloves!

This is the time of year when spring and summer stuff is already out. It might be a little hard to find what your looking for. But it also is the time when all this stuff will most likely be on Sale! I love sales. đŸ™‚ So, if you find a good deal take it. Because before you know it the stores will have bought out all their summer stuff! I don’t know about you but here it is cold, and I don’t need a swimsuit or summer stuff yet. lol.

As for the theme for this month it is Butterflies and Dinosaurs!

Yes, I know two themes. But the butterflies are for the girl boxes. Lots of kids like dinosaurs so that is why I choose Dinos for the boys. You can always do dinosaurs for girls if you want too. Have fun with it! don’t over think it.

I hope you have fun this year as you fill boxes for kids around the world!

~Till Tomorrow~


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