Hey Everyone!

Happy New Year!!!

So sorry that I have been gone so long, but I am back to blogging. I had hope to start back up last Monday but we lost power. Our power came back on Wednesday, but the internet didn’t till yesterday. So, we had a week we no internet, fireTV, or reading on iPads. It was wonderful! You don’t really think about how often you use electronics till their off. I was so nice and quiet without the tv. I’ll talk more about all of that next week through. Today I have a post full of pictures to share with y’all from Thanksgiving till Christmas. I’ll share a little with each slideshow, but it will be mostly photos. 🙂

These are some pictures from Thanksgiving. We had lots of fun! This year for our thankful craft that I make everyone do each year we made thankful ornaments. I printed off ornaments from online then we colored after writing what we were thankful for. I laminated them afterwards. My Little Niece even got into it.

Pictures of my Little Niece! She has been growing so up so fast! She loves to talk and has started singing just recently. She also loves being outside and walking down to the river. I think it kind of funny that a creek is called a river. Lol. My Little Niece likes to throw rocks into it. She grabbed hold of her Grandaddy’s hand and lead him down to the river a couple of weeks ago. 🙂

For Christmas this year I went crazy making decorations for the house. lol. I made twenty-four yarn trees, ten paper angels, ten fake paper candles, and five glittered stars. These are just the ones that I made on my own. My Mama helped me make nineteen Pompoms, fifteen colored glittered laminated feathers, and three wooden snowmen. Then with we finished the forty-seven colored and laminated Christmas ornaments. So yeah, I had fun! I decide to make so many decorations because we wanted different colors then red and green. We ended up using red, blue, purple, pink, lime green, and gold. The picture of the ornaments on the tree are the ones my Little Niece placed on the tree. She really liked the red- and gold-colored bulbs.

At the beginning of December our little town its annual tree lighting. We decided to go this year. They always have a little something before the lighting and this year they had the Nutcracker. My Little Niece sat in our laps for almost an hour! She loved every second of it. I was holding her at one point, and she tried to copy the back bend the dancer was doing on stage. She bent right into my face. She would put her hands above her head and kick her legs. It was beyond cute!

The pictures of me with the lights are not from the tree lighting. Those are from an outing to a couple of houses that had lights all the way down their driveway for people to walk down. I had to have an picture with the Tasmanian devil. I have never seen a blow mold of him before. 🙂

Ok so these pictures are of my before and after hair dying attempt. I had tried to dye my hair dark purple. I have always wanted to try and finely had the nerve to. So, with my Mama’s help I dyed my hair and it turned out a beautiful burgundy. It soaked up all the red and none of the blue. lol.

The last ones are from my friends and my Christmas party. We baked and decorated a cake. Gave some fun and amazing gifts. Then watched a movie while coloring Christmas pages. It was a lot of fun!

We had a Christmas eve dinner and opened stockings. My sister-in-law was so eager that she gave us our presents a day early. She found me a shirt that says Auntie in my favorite green. It matches the color of my room it’s perfect! My Little Niece had fun too. She loved the toothbrush in her stocking and then running around to all the Christmas lights out front. We may just put up more next year because she loves then so much.

Christmas Day! I sadly don’t have photos from that day. To many had people in them that don’t want to be online. But I do have one picture from Christmas night from my aunt’s house. We had dinner and just hung out for a little while. Then my Little Niece came home with us and spent Christmas night.

Ok so the last slideshow is next. This is what happens when you don’t post anything for over a month. Ahhh!!! picture overload!

Lastly the cat’s pictures with their Christmas hat. I do this every year. I try and take the picture as fast as I can. Sometimes they don’t mind others they do. This year Sunny let me get two pictures before wanting it off. Albus thought it was a toy and ended up with it around his neck like a kerchief. Acadia went from shocked to I’m going to hurt you in a split second. Needless to say, I took the pictures as fast as the camara would let me and took the hat off. lol. The last photo is from New Year’s Day! Like a couple of minutes after twelve. 🙂

Well, that is all for tonight!

~Till Tomorrow~


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