~The Invasion of The Ladybugs~

“Lady bugs here, Ladybugs there, Ladybugs everywhere! Flying above creeping around huddling in corners and dotting the ground. Help! They’re everywhere! Where can I go? Red and black bugs are crawling on my clothes. Buzzing by, flying high, Ladybugs seem to multiply. Help! They’re on the floor! The ceilings and the doors! Crawling and creeping in from outdoors. Where are they coming from? Why are they here? Why are we being invaded by Ladybugs? Oh Dear!”

~by Jen~ (Nov 12, 2021)

~Picture off of google images~

I decided to write this poem about ladybugs because right now we are being invaded by them. There all over the dining room and some in the living room. There coming through the cracks in the back doors. I wish I had a good picture to share with y’all but they don’t do them justice in showing how they’re everywhere.

Help my friends and I fill shoeboxes this Chrisrmas season and show kids how much God loves them.

If you want to help you can either type in https://sampur.se/3mIJ5Uk or go on to Samaritan’s Purse Build A Shoebox page and click on Search for a goal page. You will find me at Lovingly Created.

~Till Tomorrow~


One thought

  1. That’s a lot of ladybugs… I kinda like seeing a ladybug or two in the yard, but I can’t handle THAT many. My little sister is a big OCC enthusiast, and we’re sending out a couple of shoeboxes this year. Thanks for sharing, Jen.


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