~Craft Show And Gotham Writing~

Hi Everyone,

Happy Monday! Sorry about Fridays post. I did post on Friday but then deleted it right after. You maybe wondering why would she do that. Well because I had posted the first chapter of my book on Friday. Right after I posted it my Mama let me know that it probably isn’t a good idea to do that. She said that anyone could then take my story and make it theirs. So I deleted it right away. But everyone who gets my blog on their email would have seen ~The Fairies Quest~ post.

Anyway, I hope y’all had a good week last week. I know that I did. It was busy but fun and I have some stuff to share with you all today. 🙂

Last week I was busy getting ready for a craft show up at the Farm Stand. I needed to put pinch clips together, finish a owl, sew buttons on wrist warmers, price everything, and write down all that I had. All Tuesday I worked on my crochet business, so that I could bring my products to the Farm Stand Wednesday. Come Wednesday my Mama and I headed up there and brought all my stuff to be put in the computer for Saturday, When a lady who I used to take horseback ridding lessons from was there. She saw my big seller for Saturday and wanted it. lol. I couldn’t say no and she bought my patchwork puppy.

I went home that day with a goal in mind of making two more owls for Saturday. Thankfully I was able to get them done. I just thought it funny that people really like the patchwork puppies. I will have to get started making a lot more of them and small patchwork monkeys. The large monkey that I had made didn’t sell till Saturday when my Mama bought it for my Little Niece.

I was thinking it might have been the colors that I had chosen to use for the monkey that didn’t draw peoples eye. I don’t know but people seem to like the smaller stuffed animals better then the bigger ones. So I need to make a lot of small animals for the Christmas shoppers. 🙂

Anyway, the Farm Stand has one or two craft shows every year in either Oct or Nov. This year it was Nov and a lot more people showed up compared to last year. It was maybe sixteen to seventeen vendors. Last time it was very small with maybe five or six vendors.

It went really well and I had a good time and a good amount of sales. It was fun talking to the other vendors and then later my Little Niece and her parents came by. My Little Niece wanted to be held a part of the time so I got to hold her and walk around. Which she loved and wanted to do over and over again. I tried putting her down but every time she wanted back up. So I held her when she wanted me to. Cutie Pie! How could I say no to that!

Here are some pic’s from the craft show.

She loved the monkey and said ‘Ooh-ooh ah-ah’ when she saw it. That’s why my Mama bought it for her. She carried it around with her till she saw something else she wanted. Thankfully she hasn’t started the tantrums in public when she wants something. She has started throwing little fits at home now but that is to be expected. She has hit the age were fits and emotions are high. I wonder if anyone has notice that kids hit this stage in their development right when most of their last teeth come in? I know that’s true for my Little Niece and my friend J’s son.

Here are some other pictures of my Little Niece during the week. 🙂

I have also been a little busy with my schooling. I have been writing and trying to edit my story up a bit. After I shared with the class I had a lot of comments on it and not all of them understood why I mention the Lord in my story. They also want to know more about the world that I have made. But in reality the Lord wrote this story through me so it’s the world He has made.

I’m trying to continue writing The Fairies Quest in a way that is honoring to him and makes since to people who don’t know the Lord. I was given a lot of ideas and asked a lot of questions and I just hope that what I added is ok and doesn’t take away from the story the Lord has given to me to write. I guess I’ll find out once I’m done.

The Fairies Quest is almost finished being written. Once I’m done my teacher through Gotham who also does editing and consulting may edit it. I have already ask her if she is available come the new year! I hope she is. I’m getting excited about finally finishing a story and the idea that it may get published. 🙂

I have started lots of stories but haven’t finished one before so I am looking forward to finishing this one.

Before I go for the night I wanted to share with y’all my Build A Shoebox Goal page. You can go on a nd build a shoebox with my friends and I! Help us tin sending some of God’s love this Christmas Season!

You can either type this in https://sampur.se/3mIJ5Uk or go on to Samaritan’s Purse Build A Shoebox page and click on Search for a goal page. You will find me at Lovingly Created.

~Till Tomorrow~


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