~OCC November Gift List And Theme~

Hey Everyone,

Happy November! Wow can you believe that it is already time to pack and ship shoeboxes. This month starts off the national collection week! From the 15th through the 22nd churches all over the states collect the boxes that people packed. After the shoeboxes have been collected they are sent to the Processing Center to be checked. They have to make sure that all the boxes can go through customs after all. Not only that they make sure nothing breakable, war related, or food are in the boxes and if so taken out.

So the gift for the month is Shipping! Boxes cost $9 in shipping now. (I remember when it was just $7 in shipping.)

So if you are looking to donate this Holiday and Christmas Season think about maybe donating to Operation Christmas Child. You can help pay for boxes that weren’t sent in with money for shipping. Or if you want you can go online and pack a shoebox through Samaritans Purse’s Build A Shoebox. This is a fun and easy way to help if you are unable to go shopping but want to fill a Christmas gift for a child.

Through Build A Shoebox they lead you through the process. They start off asking if you want to build your own box or if you want them to build it for you. After you choose if you chose the build a box you get to decide Boy or Girl and what age. Then you are lead step by step in filling a gift box for a child.

After your done building a box don’t forget to pray for the child that receives the gift. Prayer is a powerful thing and is always welcome!

Ok so the theme for the month is Christmas!

Yes, I know it is a little silly but Christmas stuff is out so why not fill a box with all Christmas themed items. Think of what your favorite Christmas things are and what are your favorite Christmas colors are. Some people like the traditional red and green others like blue and white. This year my Mama and I are going to decorate with bright jewel tone colors. So whatever is your favorite Christmas colors go with that if you want. Whatever makes you think of Christmas, 🙂

~Till Tomorrow~


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