~Birthday Week~

Hey Everyone,

I hope y’all are well and that you all had a good last week! It was my birthday on Friday and I decided to just hold on writing my blog for the week. I’m glad that I did because otherwise I would have been overwhelmed.

So sorry that I keep doing that to y’all! I overwhelm so easily and put things off. Like writing a blog. Anyway, a little bit about my week!

As I said my birthday was on Friday! I turned twenty-eight and no I don’t feel any older. LOL. My family all asked me this question. No I feel the same as the day before. I also look the same as I did before. 🙂

For my birthday my Mama decorated the kitchen and dinning rooms all fall and beautiful. Burgundy, green, orange, and yellow balloons, Orange and yellow streamers and the happy birthday signs that are made each year. She had bought me flowers the day before that go beautifully with the fall decorations. Also Gluten free and dairy free chocolate cake mix with dairy free frosting to go with it. One of my favorite things to do on my birthday is decorate my cake. This year I tried to make it look like a melted candle. My brother seemed to think that I succeeded letting me know on more then once. It was really go too!

So my brother and his family came for dinner and cake on Friday. When they got here it wasn’t even close to five yet, But that’s ok because I wanted to make dream catchers for my birthday, My Mama spoils me and bought stuff to make them from Hobby Lobby. I was just going to dig through my craft room and hope for the best. LOL. Anyway my Little Nieces Mama and I made dream catchers. They couldn’t be more different! Both beautiful but very different. I wish that I had a picture to share with y’all but the computer is being wonky and I’m having trouble with some of my photos.

Afterwards we had dinner. My Mama made gluten and dairy free chicken pot pie, my favorite meal. We all like it so I do believe that it was a success. Even my Little Niece seemed to like it. Eating on her own with her fork. She’s finely eating more now that her back teeth are coming in. After dinner we had cake. It was pretty funny to listen to all of them in the kitchen putting candles on the cake. I was sitting in the dinning room while my parents and my brother and his family were in the kitchen giving their opinions about the candles going on the cake. My Mama won out. Seven candles because seven is my favorite number. My Dad tried to do eight candles to even the number and was kicked out of the kitchen. LOL. 🙂

In the end my brother lite the candles and they all started sing happy birthday and my Little Niece started crying. They thought it was from the song but I think it was the candles. Ever since the fourth of July she hasn’t seemed to like anything that looks like a fire cracker. She was fine on the fourth so I don’t know. She was better once I gave her a little bit of frosting.

My Little Niece loved the cake. She sat on my Dad’s lap and ate his piece. My Dad couldn’t get a forkful for himself without her trying to eat it. It was so funny. She didn’t mind almost sliding off of Granddaddies lap as long as she had cake.

After cake we did presents. Early in the day my Mama had given me a shirt that said Never too old for fairy tales. I ended up wearing it for my party on Saturday. Any who I was given new sloggers green with goats on them. I love them and my Little Niece helped me open my gift.

Here are the pictures that I was able to get the computer to let me share.

Saturday I had a party with my friends. My Dad went hunting so it was just my friends E and D and my Mama. We painted pumpkins. I was the only one that didn’t finish. Then we had a snack of cheese crackers and fruit. Well I didn’t but they did. 🙂 Then we played a game called Blokus. I had never played this game before but it was a lot of fun. Each player had a set of colored pieces that just so happened to be the colors of Hogwarts houses. So it was the battle of the houses. I was Gryffindor, my Mama Hufflepuff, D Ravenclaw, and E Slytherin. We played twice, first Ravenclaw won then Slytherin. Oh well. Next time I will win for Gryffindor. 🙂

We had dinner as soon as my friend E’s parents came with Chick-fil-A. We talked while we ate then had cupcakes and presents. It was a lot of fun.

Here are some photos from Saturday. I dressed up as a fairy. I made the wings the night before from coat hangers and tissue paper with my Little Nieces help.

Before I go for the day I have one last thing to share with y’all. On Sunday my Little Niece had her first real trick or treating experience. Her Mama dressed her as a girl in eights work out clothes. So cute with her in her bright colors! She had fun at her first trunk or treat. But it was a lot more crowded then I thought it would be. With it being a small town I wasn’t expecting so many people to show. But my Little Niece towards the end of the line of cars finely picked out a piece of candy on her own and smiled. Too Cute!

Here are pictures of the trunk or treat! The last picture is from Saturday when she put on my flower headband.

~Till Tomorrow~


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