~Pumpkin Patch And My Little Niece~

Hey Everyone,

So sorry that I forgot to post Monday and Friday last week and Yesterday. I don’t know where my brain has been this last week. I feel like it left on vacation and forgot to let me know. Anyway I have some things to share with y’all today! 🙂

We went to the pumpkin patch on the tenth. We live near a farm that now has large pumpkin patch and more every fall. It was a lot of fun to see my Little Niece enjoying the tractor rides and wondering the pumpkin patch. But before we picked out pumpkins we took the tractor to see the animals (goats, chickens, and horses). They also had outdoor games for kids and a sand hill and corn pit for them to play in.

My Little Niece was to small to go in the corn pit with so many kids already in it. But she had some fun with the connect four and the sand hill. Over by the animals and games they also had some food trucks. My brother tried gator nuggets for the first time and seemed to like them. Personally the thought of eating gator does not appeal to me. No thank you! Any way my Little Niece and her Mama had fries with ketchup. My Little Niece loves her ketchup and will dip the fries in it and suck it right off before going for more. Silly. 🙂

Afterwards we went to see the horses and my Mama and I stopped by the one vendor (my Mama bought me a necklace). We headed to the pumpkins right after. They had a ton of pumpkins from big oranges ones to heirloom ones of pink, white, green, yellow, lumpy, flat, and pear shaped. They also had all different types of gourds from small ones to big longs ones that look like swans. We ended up getting a few small gourds to go with the couple of pumpkins my Mama and I picked out. One of the gourds my Little Niece ended up calling banana because it was yellow at the top. She even tried to take a bite of it.

She wasn’t sure what to think of all the pumpkins and was a little overwhelmed. But I think she had fun in the end because by the time we were leaving she was playing the pumpkins like drums.

The weather this past week has been warm but now the weather has just started to turn to fall. The leaves have really been falling and changing colors. It has been a little more breezy for the last few days and the sky has been very blue. It just screams fall and cool weather to come. I love it!

With the weather being so nice my Little Niece has been able to play outside more. But with it getting dark so much earlier she doesn’t get to stay out as long. But this past Friday night when she was over we did go outside when it just got dark. You see my Little Niece loves being able to see the moon so early in the evening. It is getting dark by six-thirty or earlier each day now. With that she gets to go outside and see the moon before bed and she loves it. So last Friday night we hung out on the deck while she played pushing her little red rider wagon around. She loved letting go of the handle and watching it roll away down the slight incline by the back door. After a while I laid out a couple of chair cushions and we laid down and watched the stars and played wrestled. Really I just held her and rocked back and forth but she thought it lots of fun laughing and giggling away.

Here’s more photos then I realized I sent to email. The last two pictures she didn’t’ want here photo taken. She’s a bit grumpy in them.

We also got to have her over last night. That is the reason that I didn’t post yesterday. I had started to write my post but then my Little Niece was over. She has been in a need Grandmommy mood this past week. Her poor parents want to snuggle her but she just wants Grandmommy. But I believe that when she went home today that she was ready to just be with her Mommy and Daddy. We had lots of fun while she was here though. Playing with playdoh, taking walks, reading books, singing songs, dancing, and playing ball. I think that she thought it was the weekend still and that she was coming over to stay the night last night.

It was fun though. Now I have to do a little catch up with my blog, crocheting, and writing. It’s hard to believe that next week I need to post my story to class. I feel that I just did my first story. I haven’t even finished the ending that I’m supposed to share by Monday. I’m nervous that I wouldn’t have it done in time. Oh well! I will post what I have.

All right that is all for now.

~Till Tomorrow~


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