~Psalm 27:14~

“Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!” Psalm 27:14

Wait for the Lord. How do you wait for the Lord? Also wait for what?

Waiting on the Lord is to be still and keep heart during the hard times. To realize that He has everything under control and to trust Him. I know that I have said all this before but I will write about it again.

Waiting doesn’t necessarily mean patient, but patience does help when waiting. No the waiting that the Lord is talking about here is being expectant full of hope. To long for Him and know that He will answer. That He will keep His word. Hope in the time of waiting, helps in whatever your having to wait for.

We all have things that we go through that we wish will go away or just stop. During these times we pray asking God to take them away or to use them for Him. We pray hoping that it will be over with soon. But a lot of times He asks us to wait. He doesn’t want to see us hurting. But He also knows the big picture, where we can only see what is going on now. But during this time we learn and grow in Him if we let ourselves. He has a plan that is bigger then we can ever imagine. Who are we to stop His amazing plans by not stopping and listening and learning during the tough times.

When the Lord says to wait He also says to us to be strong and to take courage. The Bible from the Old Testament to the New has verses telling us to be strong to have courage. It is easy to say but not necessarily easy to do. That is why we need to have hope and trust in the Lord and He becomes our strength and our courage. We find peace in the hard times knowing that He has control in the waiting. Strength is trusting Him when we are scared. Courage is being able to do as He asks and to hold on to Him with the strength He gives.

Waiting for the Lord is always beneficial. It always gets better. Look at Abraham and Sarah. They waited ten years after the Lord promised them a child before they had their son Isaac. They were not patient though. No they tried to take control and Sarah had Abraham marry and have a child with her servant Hagar. But the child Hagar gave birth to Ishmael wasn’t the child the Lord promised and it didn’t fill the void Sarah and Abraham felt. But even through they didn’t keep patient and wait for the Lord He still kept His promise to them and Isaac was born.

Wait for the Lord, have hope that He is always in control. Take courage and have strength that He is there and that He hears your prayers. No matter how long the struggle He is there. Keep heart and be still in the Lord, He remembers you.

Hope, Courage, Strength, are all part of Waiting for Him.

~Till Tomorrow~


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