~OCC October Gift List And Theme~

Hey Everyone,

Here is OCC Octobers gift and theme for the month. As for the gift this month is Letters and Photos!

As you can see the children love to receive letters and photos of the ones that packed their shoebox. I know that for me it is hard to write personal notes and letters. I have always seemed to have trouble with it. But I can write a blog just fine. 🙂

Some ideas for writing your letter, first let them know your name. Tell them Merry Christmas and that Jesus loves them. Tell them a little about yourself without going into to much detail. If you would like them to write back let them know that you hope to hear from them and ask them a question or two.

Of course don’t forget a photo. What child doesn’t love looking at photos. Maybe a family photo or a picture with your pet. As you can see a simple school photo works as well. Just make sure you smile! 🙂

Ok so for this months theme, it is Disney! Think Mickey Mouse, Princess, Nemo, and more. Have fun! What is your favorite Disney movie? Disney is everywhere so it should be easy to find. My Aunt D loves Disney and loves Mickey Mouse, she would love this October theme.

~Till Tomorrow~


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