~Hebrews 13:8~

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Hebrews 13:8

The same, never changing, always and forever the unchanging. That is Jesus, He is always loving, caring, righteous, merciful, and kind. He always keeps His promises, ones He made yesterday and ones He made today. He never fails to keep them. Because He is never changes His mind. He remembers His promises and remembers His children. He loves us all yesterday, today, and forever. How amazing is that!

He will always be there for us and we don’t have to worry that He is all of a sudden going to change His mind and leave. When He loves, He loves unconditionally. In the beginning when God created the world His said that all He had made was good. Later we grieved Him because the people of the world turned from Him. He knew in His heart that the people wouldn’t turn back to Him, and it sadden Him greatly. But He is a merciful God.

There was one man that loved and followed Him, Noah. So instead of destroying all mankind He protected Noah and his family during the flood that destroyed all others. But afterwards God made a promise with Noah and all mankind for generations to come, He set a rainbow in the sky. This rainbow was a promise to never flood the whole world again. He has kept that promise and many more that He has made all throughout time. The Lord will continue to keep His promises too because He is never changing and always loving remembering His children.

Just think that promise was made when the world was still young, yet He keeps it still though it has been thousands of years ago. If He is willing to keep a promise that long how much more can you believe He will keep His promises to you?

Remember He stays the same. He never changes. Yesterday He made a promise, and today onward He keeps it. He remembers and feels the same as before about His promise. He stays as He promised and never changes His mind.

Why? because the Lord is unchanging. The Lord doesn’t change like the wind. He is the cornerstone, which holds all together. When the storm comes and rattles and shakes the house, the cornerstone holds up against it all. He is our firm foundation our unchangeable God.

~Till Tomorrow~


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