~First Week Of October~

Hey Everyone,

I hope you all had a good week last week. My week went well. I ended up getting my second COVID shot on Tuesday and by Wednesday morning I had a fever. I don’t know how high it was and don’t want to know. LOL. But after Thursday I had energy enough to do things around the house. On Friday and Saturday I was ready to do yardwork and get the garden closer to getting done.

So my Mama and I weeded the compost that was overgrown and worked on sifting some woodchips. We racked leaves and dumped, out in the woods, wheelbarrows of weeds and roots. Finished filling the garden box with compost and even finished the garden box. The box has been needing the tops of the post cut down and some boards trimmed. That way we do not walk in to cedar boards that are sticking out on the sides or the post get in the way of the garden racks. I was so happy that it was done that I almost cried. Yes you read that right, almost cried. I did jump up and down a little and the next day planted some late broccoli. 🙂

While my Mama and I were working on the garden my Dad was working on the swing set. He added some supporting boards to it. Now it’s really sturdy and just needs to be painted. My Mama wants to paint the posts that are angled out a bright color so that they are easier to see while mowing the lawn or just run around the yard with my Little Niece. It would just be like us to run right into them even though they are easy to see.

On Sunday we also got another chicken. My Dad got to name her, so she is now called G.G and she is only 18weeks old. She’s to young to lay eggs yet but is young enough to teach her to like to be held. I’m really excited about that. Buttercup used to let me walk around the yard carrying her. I’m hoping G.G. will like that too. The other two chickens, Helene and Fleur, didn’t pay attention to her at all at first. It was a little sad, G.G. is used to being around lots of other chickens. But today she is in with them, just in a separate coop in the big run. So they had to at least notice she’s there. I know Fleur did right away, but Helene didn’t seem to want to acknowledge her till earlier this evening. Poor G.G.. 🙂 Goofy Helene. Lol.

Also on Sunday we had our family dinner. We had hamburgers and hotdogs with potato salad and baked beans, and my Little Niece really liked the baked beans. She was using her spoon and scooping up those beans very happily. She didn’t want anything else at the time, but later that evening she wanted mandarins and yogurt. Saying yummy and signing for more.

Her personality is really starting to show. She was so giggly yesterday laughing at the smallest things. Like the bowling set my Mama bought her, she thinks it’s hilarious. She laughed so hard that her face turned red and her laughter became almost silent. Too cute! Then the puppy toy that my friend D got her for her first birthday, Oh my goodness! I don’t know what it is about that puppy but she was almost on the floor laughing. I would stop walking the toy puppy around and wait till she took a deep breath before starting again. LOL.

My Little Niece is also saying new things all the time. She is just starting to say my Brothers name as well as trying to say her Mamas. She also sounded like she called me Jen Jen once yesterday. When she really wanted my attention she came up to me and said my name. But her favorite thing to say right know is Gandma. Not Grandma, but Gandma. She actually was playing with her Mama’s phone on Saturday while they were outside and accidently called my Mama. My Mama could hear her saying Gandma Gandma. Apparently then she stared looking of my Mama trying and trying to find her not realizing it was coming from the phone. Cutie Pie!

But otherwise we had fun on Sunday. I planted broccoli and my Little Niece help take the straws out that I put by each plant. Chewed on a few and got dirt in her mouth. 🙂 My Brother and I throw the football around a bit before my Dad and him did. Throwing the football isn’t as easy as he makes it seem, it kind of hurts. But he loves to throw the football around or kick the soccer ball. My Little Niece tried out her new swing. She’s not sure yet. She also tried out her new little patio chair. Sorry I don’t have a picture of her sitting in the chair. She just wouldn’t stay seated long enough for a picture. Otherwise we talked and hung out like usual.

Here’s some pictures from the last week of my Little Niece. She painted her first pumpkin and helped her Mama pick black walnuts. She is turning into a little gardener. The last photo is of her little patio chair that my Mama found at Kid to Kid.

Ok lastly, my Gotham writing class. This passed week I posted my Fairy story to be critiqued. So far all the comments are really along the same lines. I need to work on the beginning part and give more depth to the characters. I had a feeling that was going to be something they would say. It’s a little hard to know what is to little and what is to much when writing for a early chapter book. I wanted to add more but thought that it would be to much so I didn’t. Now I know that I can add more to the descriptions and that it needs just a little more action. I’m not much for lots of suspense and am ok with a moderate amount of action. But I will be editing and who knows maybe I will add more action to grab the readers. 🙂

~Till Tomorrow~


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