~Happy Fall Y’all~

Hey Everyone,

Happy Fall!!! My favorite time of the year! I hope that your start of Autumn has been good! Mine has and still is. I have a few things to share with you today, one of them being the yard sale that we have been trying to have for months. But first I will start at the beginning of my week and go from there. 🙂

Ok, so the week before last I had been working on cinnamon pumpkins for the Farm Stand. On Monday and Tuesday I also worked on crocheting leaves for headbands, but sadly they didn’t get done in time for Wednesday. But my Mama went to the Farm Stand on Wednesday and brought all the cinnamon pumpkins up there with her. I was working on school work at the time. My Mama is so good to me and is always willing to help. Thank You Mama!!!

Wednesday also just happened to be the first day of FALL!!! That meant our annual Fall tea. That is my Mama and I. We usually have a dessert with our tea but we forgot, so we made peanut butter chocolate chip mug cakes. They turned out better then I thought they would. My Dad even liked it. So we each had our tea and we put on the show Psych, because it’s funny, and had our annual Fall tea.

Here are some pictures! The teacups and the napkins are from my Grandma.

It was fun just relaxing having tea, watching Psych, and for me crocheting. 🙂

Thursday was mostly school work. But later that day my Mama went out and bought a chicken we named Fleur. She is a white chicken. LOL. I can’t seem to remember what type of chicken she is. 🙂 Oops, I have been told more then once what type she is. Sorry Mama. Anyway she’s a funny little chicken that at first had trouble knowing where to find the nesting box. She ended up laying her first egg here in the food bowl. We only have one new chicken right now, but are going to get one more this week. Hopefully in a couple of weeks we can get a Golden Comet to add to the mix.

On Friday we got ready for our Yard Sale! Finally! We have been waiting for this yard sale for a while. We set up, put out signs, as well as posting about it on Nextdoorneighbor.com. We believe that announcing it online helped in getting more people to come. Saturday during the first hour of the sale almost all the furniture we had sold. At the end of the day a lot went and I wish that I took a before picture but I forgot. But I do have some photos taken at the end to share. It looks so empty compared to what it did. Oh, also a lot of the big baby things of my Little Nieces sold within the first hour too. That was the best yard sale yet!

We were so tired after all that, I ended up taking a little nap before my Little Niece came for our weekend sleepover. Ended up we weren’t the only ones that were tired my Little Niece was too. She had only taken a hour nap that day and was a little grumpy. One year old’s can be cute when grumpy 🙂 and she definitely was. But even through she was tired and a little grumpy that didn’t stop her from talking bunches. Every week she is saying something new that you never know what she’s going to say next. The next day she slept in to ten am. My Mama said it was weird waking up before her and that she was sleeping like a teenager. Apparently she was cozy and didn’t want to get up and my Mama had to go and get her up. LOL. Sleepyhead!

Sunday like always we had our family dinner night. This time it was at my Brothers house. It was fun and we got to explore the yard some and see what kinds of plants their yard has hidden. My Little Nieces Mama found a black walnut tree and a Pear tree in their backyard. We collected some pears and tried to get some walnuts. Hint tried. I didn’t realize walnut trees were so tall. I’m used to the ones that are easy to get to from the ground. Not walnuts though we would need a ladder to reach them and that is just the bottom of the tree. We would need a really tall ladder to reach almost all the walnuts.

Alright, well I have just a bit of a update about my Uncle M and then I will be going for the night. My Uncle M has been in the hospital since August. He had COVID and had really bad breathing problems. The doctors didn’t really do what they should have and he didn’t get any better for a while. But this past week he had a doctor that actually knew how to help him and now he is having actual improvement. We are very happy about this, but it will still be awhile before he can head home. So I’m asking for continued prayers for healing for my Uncle and encouragement for my Auntie K. Thank you.

~Till Tomorrow~


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