~A Little Story I Wrote~

Hey Everyone,

Today instead of a poem I have a story that I wrote a couple of years ago. I just posted this story as homework for my Gotham Children’s Book Workshop. I don’t know if it is any good but felt like share it with y’all anyway. Hope you like it!


“Tory and the spiders”

Spiders, crawling, creeping spiders. Tory’s not a fan of them at all “Great, in a tree with a bunch of spiders! Need to get down. But they are all over the truck of the tree.” “Ok, ok, calm down. You can do this, you can shimmy on down the tree and then just brush any that get on you off.” “Yeah that’s it, one foot at a time. OH MY GOODNESS! THAT SPIDER IS HUGE!!!” “It’s ok deep breaths Tory you can do this. Just wiggle and shimmy on down. That’s right you doing it! Good job your doing great! Happy thoughts, happy thoughts.”

Finally feet on wonderful plush moss covered ground away from spiderville. This was a great accomplishment.

“Finally it took you long enough. I was starting to think you were going to spend the night up there.” said Ky. He hadn’t known what to do when Tory refused to come down from the old mossy rotting tree. So he just sat and waited, praying he would just let go of the branch, or scream for help, or just do whatever he just did and climb down.

They had a rule between them, you don’t help or offer help unless it is asked for. It is considered a stupid rule by most of the family, but understood by the few who share or are in the bedroom next to Tory’s. You do not help unless he’s dying or thinks he’s dying.

“I wasn’t going to be up there all night! I was listening to the birds and enjoying the day that’s all.” “Whatever you tell yourself to make you happy. But it looked like you were stuck in a rotting tree because of a few spiders.” “Why were you up there anyway? Why climb a rotting tree when the farms full of healthy non-spider infested trees.” “If you must know I was following a squirrel.” “Yeah, I don’t want to know why you would follow a squirrel. But it makes sense now about the tree. Come on lets go inside before we miss dinner. Mom and Dad will be happy to know that you came down.” “I wonder what’s for dinner?” wondered Tory. “I don’t know. I’ll race ya! The last one there is rotten egg!” called Ky. “EWW!!!” yelled Tory racing after Ky. They both raced off ready to enjoy what is sure to be a amazing dinner.


The story isn’t finished but I still wanted to share it with everyone. 🙂

~Till Monday~


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