~September OCC Get Togethers~

Hey Everyone,

This last month my friends and I have met a couple of times to work on the OCC shoeboxes. I waited till now to post about them and hope I remember all that we did. 🙂

At the beginning of Sept. when we met the first time we put together school supply cases.

Usually I do this for just the 5-9 and 10-14, but this year we also made school packs for the 2-4. We packed pencils, sharpeners, erasers, pens (for the older kids), glue sticks, rulers, notebooks, colored pencils (5-14), crayons (2-4), and stickers in pencil cases. We decided to use the fabric pencil cases because I personally feel they pack easier. I don’t know if that is true that is just how I feel.

So we packed twenty-four school supply cases after having much laughter at my bad math skills. I’m really not that bad at math. I don’t know what was going on that day. LOL. And of course the cats needed lots of attention too. Acadia made sure to check everything out and to even look inside of the buckets. I had forgotten that we also went though each bucket and made lists of what we still need to get. Acadia had fun during this time and tried to help. Before we opened the buckets through, there was a paper bag that Sunny and Acadia thought was the best thing ever.

They both wanted to be in the bag and my friend D even got a video of them playing in it. I wouldn’t be posting the video because you can hear names on it. I do not have permission to post those names, but do have a picture of Acadia in the paper bag.

The last time we met was on the seventeenth. At first I really wasn’t sure what we could work on. But then I remembered that all the shoeboxes still needed pictures in them. Last year was the first I head even thought to glue calendar pictures to the inside of the lids. I heard that the children in Africa liked getting pictures to hang up or to just look at. Because of this others had been gluing pictures into the lids. Thankfully my friends were ok with this and went along with it. Now even through it is only the second time it feels like one of the best parts of packing the shoeboxes.

It went by faster then the three of us thought too. We did all twenty-four boxes in a hour and a half. Usually we take longer to get stuff do. But not on the seventeenth. So afterwards we just had fun talking and petting the Acadia. Then we planned our next get togethers. We will be meeting twice in Oct. I will make sure to post about both times. 🙂

My Mama and I hope to glue in some fun animal or landscape pictures into the lids of the boxes that we are filling together. So that will be thirty boxes with pictures in the lids. 🙂

~Till Tomorrow~

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