~Gotham Children’s Book Workshop~

Hey Everyone,

How was y’alls week? Last week for me was busy with lots and lots of reading! 🙂 I started my first week of Gotham’s School of Writing, the children’s book workshop. I had to read at least 5 picture books, 3 early readers, 2 chapter books, 1 middle school grade book, and one young adult book. I’m actually still reading the young adult book. But my goodness that was still a lot of reading.

Each week we are given a lecture and a assignment for the week. Last week was just the introduction. This week is all about the plot. I am quite curious about how to but together a good plot. I kind of have one in the story that I’m writing now. But I feel that it needs work. Pretty much the book that I’m writing is for the younger ages because my plot is all about getting a answer to a question.

Here’s a little bit about the story that I have been writing.

“Two fairies go on a journey to get the answer to a question “What came first the chicken or the egg?’ They head out on an adventure to the Questing Woods because the other fairies in their village are fighting over who is right. They have to go and bring back the answer to stop the others from arguing and fighting. Hopefully the answer will bring peace and friendship back to the village.”

So far I have finished to when the fairies reach the Questing Woods. I haven’t gotten to the part where they get their question answered just what the wood looks like. Also all the adventures they went through to get there. I need to finish it though because during the ten week workshop each person has two times that they are supposed to summit their work. Mine is on Monday and then on the seventh week. so I need to at least finish the first part. We are only aloud to post a story or apart of a story that is 3,750 words long. This is because there are three others posting their stories the same week. So four stories a week to critique, and having a lecture and assignments. I’m glad that only short stories are aloud.

I have never critiqued a others work before so am a bit nervous about that. I’m also nervous about them critiquing mine but am also really excited to see what they have to say. I have so many questions like about what needs to be changed. Do the names work? is the plot alright or does it need more? Am I using a word way to many times? Does it even make any sense? And so many more.

Last week through the lecture was all about what type of book we want to write. I thought that I wanted to write a picture book but have decided to write a early chapter book instead. So that is why I have so many questions. I had to change so much of the story by adding a lot of description that I didn’t have before. Also leaving me wondering if I have enough words for my story to be considered a chapter book. I guess I will find out next week. 🙂

Ok enough about all of that. Here’s a little bit about how my Little Niece has been then some pictures of her from the past week.

So a couple or a few weeks ago my Little Niece had a doctors appointment. At this appointment we found out she grew two inches in three months! My Mama has been adding corner covers to things that we didn’t even think needed them. She is only thirty-two inches but that is tall for her. She is not even able to walk under the dinning table anymore without ducking.

We also have come to realize that she is very dramatic and loves to act things out. The song We are the Dinosaurs is her favorite song right now. Her parents have the DVD at their house and she loves to dance along with the actors and kids on TV. She will march, act scared, fake playing the guitar, and she also mimics how they crouch down and look around. That last one is one of her favorite moves that she does whenever a song is on.

My Little Niece has also begun to try out new words. Like squirrel, rain, wet, and her parents first names. Squirrel sounds like quirrel and rain like ain. Wet though does sound like wet and she is very proud of herself. But when it comes to my name I’m back to being called Na Na or Nay Nay. I guess she likes the sound of them better. LOL. She has also started to really say Grandma or Grandmama. It is really cute to hear! Listening to her talk is one of our favorite things to do. 🙂

Ok well I have gone on long enough. Here are some pictures of my Little Niece for the week.

~Till Tomorrow~


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