~Just A little Post About Shoeboxes Stories~

Hey Everyone,

I don’t have a lot to share with you today but I do want to tell you about Samaritan’s Purse shoebox stories. It is call “Read Shoebox Stories, Firsthand Accounts of How God Changed Lives Through Simple Gifts.'” There are only four stories right now but there maybe more in the future. But I’m not positive about that.

All four articles are about adults that now work with Samaritan’s Purse and specifically Operation Christmas Child. They all received gifts that didn’t just make there day but meant the world to them. From a comb to school supplies. It shares their excitement and joy. It also shows how amazing God is and the wonderous whys He works in peoples lives. He works in ways that we can never imagine and always for our good. I really feel that these stories will show His amazing love.

Just so you know these articles also have little clips at the top if you rather watch then read. At the end of a couple of the stories they shared some pictures from their childhood. I just love old photos and really liked seeing them at the bottom of those couple of articles.

I know that I have posted some of their stories before but still there are a couple that I haven’t. I encourage you to go on to Samaritan’s Purse and read their stories and maybe even come to see that sometimes the simplest gift means the world.

These are the people who share their stories on the “Read Shoebox Stories.”

~Till Tomorrow~


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