~Busy Week Of Lots Of Research~

Hey Everyone,

Happy Monday!

The weather here has been so nice lately. It feels like fall. Yay!!! It sadly went back to being in the 90’s today but it isn’t going to last and I’m happy about that. But I have enjoyed the fall weather this past week and can’t wait till it is back in the 70’s. My Mama would love for it to stay summer a little longer. But for me, my happy time is fall time! 🙂 I love fall! It is cool but not cold and the colors are just so pretty. This past week we have had the first feel of fall for the year. I have been very happy with that.

Ok so I have been busy this last week looking things up. So lots on the brain. I am looking into getting angora rabbits. I have looked up the most popular breeds and feel that the French angora would be the best rabbit for me. So with having rabbits I will need a hutch so I have also been looking up rabbit hutches. The problem I’m finding is that most rabbit hutches are really small. They also don’t look like they would keep out predators from getting in. So I have been looking at places that can custom build them for me. I only started looking at these particular hutches because I found a cute chicken coop on Craigslist.com that could be custom made for a really good price. But I still don’t know if it would be doable. So many things to think about and look up. I’m going to need to make myself a angora rabbit guide with all that I have found.

The thing is when looking up all this information, everyone has a different idea about taking care of the rabbits. It’s quite confusing really. I mean how hard is it to find angora rabbit care with at least a couple of websites giving close to the same info. The only thing that has been close is what their wool sells for, to feed them rabbit pellets with 18grain of protein, and that French angora’s are the best starter rabbits. But when it comes to the hutches or even the grooming it starts to go back and forth with opinions. Some say keep them inside, others outside. Some say keep them off the grass others say let them roam in the yard of a little while each day. French angoras are to be plucked or brushed every 3-4 months, some say they need to be sheared every 3-4 months. So yeah I’m going to find what best works for me and make my own French angora rabbit guide. Otherwise I will stay confused I do believe. LOL.

If anyone has angora rabbits and wants to give some advice feel free. It just may go into the guide I’m going to build. 🙂

Alright angora rabbits haven’t been the only thing that I have been looking up this past week. I have also been looking into worm farming. I know sounds weird. But we live in a place I believe people just may buy what the worms have to offer. Like worm tea. It is pretty much compost made by a handful of worm castings or manure soaked in water. Plants really love this stuff. When they start to look yellow or just not growing like they should worm tea just may help the come back. Not only that they make amazing compost and our yard is need of it. We have all clay really from a old tennis court that the previous own had in the back yard. Thankfully it was taken out before we ever saw the house. But the ground is still thick red clay. So maybe this will help.

I’m hoping with doing all these things to really start making some money. I’m still doing the Farm Stand and will be continuing to sell my stuff there. But it doesn’t make a lot. If the Lord wants me to work with my hands in this way then it will work. I haven’t felt Him telling me to stop and look into other things so I will keep going and pray that I am following where He leads.

Ok last few things before I go for the day. I have started making some new things for the Farm Stand and one of them I have pictures of that I want to share with y’all. They are cinnamon pumpkins. I found the recipe for these cute pumpkins years ago on Pinterest I do believe, I don’t really remember, but that is really the away I could of found them. Anyway, there not for eating as my Dad seemed to think at first. 🙂 They are for decorating and making the house smell nice. I made ten of them today and hope that people like them. I know that I really like them. My Dad seemed to also because it made him hungry for apple pie. LOL.

A little bit about my Little Niece. She is talking so much now and learning so mean new words. She is saying yes, cat, moo, and what we think is down me. But is sounds like dummy. She is starting to put words together like “see Mimi, Papa” and “See yum yum cluck cluck.” The last one was when my little Niece was helping put the chicken away for the night. She had the bucket with the seed. The seed or any type of food is yum yum or yummy and she calls the chicken cluck cluck. So yeah, Cutie is talking so much more now. Got to love her!

Here are some pictures of her from last week!

Lastly, my Mama started decorating for fall. I picked some flowers on a country road. A picture of my brother and I when were little. I think that my little Niece looks like us in it and wanted to share. 🙂 Also a funny picture sent to my Mama that made me laugh and hope it makes you laugh too.

~Till Tomorrow~


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