~Votey’s Story: Loved by God~

Hey Everyone,

So sorry that I didn’t post anything yesterday. But I am posting today!

Today I have a video I found on youtube while looking up OCC videos to share with you. I went through quite a few clips before this one really just seemed to say “POST ME!” LoL.

This almost three minute clip is about a little eight year old girl getting a shoebox. She is so cute and sweet and her favorite color is pink. 🙂 She is from Cambodia and lives in the slums. Just so you know some of the video is in English and some is not but it does have subtitles throughout the whole clip. I know that I have seen this video before but can not remember if I shared it with y’all or not. So hopefully this is the first time I’m posting it. 🙂

As I watched this story I couldn’t help but notice all the trash in the background and all around. So I would just like to say that before you pack you’re shoeboxes to please take what you can out of it’s packaging. I used to leave everything in its packaging thinking that if I took it out that they would think it was used. But they don’t. So I encourage everyone to please to a unpack what you can before placing it in the shoeboxes. Its a small way we can keep from adding trash to the places the boxes are going.

~Till My Next Post~


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