~My Little Nieces 18month Birthday~

Hey Everyone,

I hope y’all had a good week last week. I had a nice week I have just been feeling a bit dizzy and nauseas lately though. I blame it on all my reading and not sleeping well. 🙂 Because that is when it started. But last week was fun. My Mama and I started going though my brothers childhood photos, and there are a LOT of them. They need to be organized and then later on put in albums. We just started with his pictures first but we have photos from my Grandma to my parents and my Grandparents parents. Now we also have photos of my little Niece to add to the piles. It is quite overwhelming but fun to go though all the same.

While looking through all of my brothers baby and toddler pictures we kept saying how much my little Niece looks like her Daddy. I was just going through some of his pictures last night and found even more photos that made me think of her. They have the same smile and she has her Daddy’s red-blond hair and blue eyes.

Ok, so on Saturday it was my little Nieces 18month birthday. Her Mama really wanted to celebrate it so we did. Earlier in the day they took her to the park just as a family. Then later we had a little party here at our house with pizza. My little Niece though was too excited at first to eat. She just wanted out of her chair and to see what everyone else was eating. She’s funny that way, needing to checkout everyone else plates. She also noticed that I wasn’t eating pizza but a salad and she wanted it too. So she sat in my lap and tried to steal my fork and take a bit. LOL. I eventually gave in a let her have some. She liked it! Cute little food stealer. 🙂

Anyway after dinner we went outside and played badminton, talked, and throw the football around some. We also had cupcakes and smores to celebrate. But when my little Nieces Mama brought out the cupcakes and we all sang Happy Birthday my little Niece cried. She used to love to be sung Happy Birthday so I’m not sure what happen on Saturday. In the end she loved the cupcake though and her mouth was covered in pink frosting.

Later in the evening after cupcakes and while her parents where throwing the football we played in the little makeshift water table that my Mama made. I was showing her how to pour the water in the funnel when she decided that she rather just splash the water with her hands. We both ended up soaked but had fun. She thought if very funny to get me wet and hear me go “ahhh.” The water was cold is all I have to say. After playing in the water she wanted to play in the sandbox. I’m sure she must have had a bath when they got home. I got as much as the sand off of her could but she was still somehow crunching on sand. When it got in her mouth I don’t know. By the time they left I was quite tired but not as much as I would have been if I hadn’t taken a two hour nap before they came. I didn’t mean to sleep that long, but it felt so good to sleep.

Here are some pictures from the week! And then some from Saturday!

Someone got into the sugar when Mama turned around for a second. As you can see she is proud of it too. Lol. Ok so three pictures in this next slideshow are throwbacks from her six month birthday at the park 🙂

Yes she was bring out the tears so that she could get down. You can see it in the first two photos. But as soon as she was out of the highchair the tears are gone. Little stinker.

Ok well that is all for today!

~Till Tomorrow~


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