~My Week In A Nut Shell~

Hey Everyone,

I hope y’all had a good week last week!

I’m always a little bit at a loss as what to write on Mondays. It is kind of hard to know what would be interesting enough about my week to talk about. But I do have a couple of things that I would like to share with y’all anyway. 🙂

So on Friday I signed up for a children’s book writing workshop through Gotham School of writing. (That sentence is a month full). I am very nervous. This isn’t something that I would normally do and wonder if I will be able to keep up. But at the same time I have questions about how to go about writing and finishing a book and I know that they can answer them for me. The class that I signed up for is the Level one workshop and if I like it and feel that I have learned a lot they have two more workshops that I can join after. Thankfully they also have a workshop on how to get your book published as well. I have ideas about what I want to write. I just have a bit of a hard time getting it on to the paper. Maybe sometime I will share some of my ideas here for y’all to see.

Otherwise some exciting news to share is that my Little Niece said my name for the first time! She has said, Dada, Mama, Grandmama, and Grandada but she hasn’t tried to say my name. So when she said it out of the blue on Saturday morning we all where surprised. She called me Aunie. That is Auntie with out the “t”. I have been calling myself this since she was really little. I tried out Auntie and it just didn’t really seem to fit. But Aunie did. I had thought that she would be at least two before she would say my name so I am very excited! 🙂

My little Niece has really started to talk and say new words. Her Mama texted one day saying that she said green bean for the first time. Then on Saturday night she texted a picture of some wild turkeys that walk through their yard saying that my little Niece said “Dada look Quack Quack.” She is learning a lot very fast.

Here are pictures of her from the last week or so.

Also something else that has been going on is that on Saturday and Sunday my Dad started work on a swing set outback for my little Niece. My Mama has really been wanting something for her to play on in the backyard now that she is climbing and wanting to really play. She loves her sand box but is starting to really like the slide and swing. So my Dad has started building a swing set and he just so happened to have wood in the back field that worked well for the posts and a board for the very top. He just had to buy a couple of boards to make it a little sturdier. He wants to add a couple more boards off of the posts though because it is still a needs some support. But over all I think that when it is done it will be great and lots of fun. When she gets older my Mama plans to get a disk swing that I think she will really love too.

So as usual on Sunday we had dinner with the family. This time we went over to my brothers house. My little Nieces Mama made some really good breakfast food bacon, eggs, hash, and cinnamon rolls. After we ate dinner I decided to video call my Mimi because my little Niece kept saying Mimi and Papa. So we talked to them a little bit after playing some with Varsity and Velvet the teddy bears. It was really cute to watch her wave to them and then before hanging up she kissed the phone to say bye. Over all we stayed inside mostly. It has been really humid lately making it feel like it’s in the hundreds. Though we did go out once my Dad and Brother went out to move the old washing machine off the deck and onto the truck. My little Nieces Mama was so excited for it to be gone that she started sweeping the deck right away. Now they have a nice place to sit outback.

Over all that has been my week. During the week not much goes on. I write my blog, crochet, read, do yardwork and some housework and at night we sometimes watch movies. At least that is how my weeks have been lately. 🙂 I feel that they will be getting busier soon. But until then I’m enjoying the slower weeks. I hope y’all have a good week!

~Till Tomorrow~


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