~OCC Crafting With My Mimi~

Hey Everyone,

Today I wanted to share with you what my Mimi and I made while she was here visiting. She help me work on some OCC crafts and also helped with some ideas for little first aid kits for the kids. I set everything up that we would need on the dining room table and then some and we got to work. πŸ™‚

While I worked on finishing my tic-tac-toe box my Mimi worked on bracelet boxes. I was thinking about just filling up the cute little boxes that I had from a old jewelry kit with beads and elastic. But my Mimi thought that they needed a little more. So she cut out felt and glued it into the bottom of the inside. She had more patience then me when it came to that. I tried helping her but every time I glued one in the bottom it was crooked and didn’t want to come back out. When I tried taking the felt off the bottom it would tear the bottom up with it. She was able to glue them without much trouble and in the first try too.

While she worked on those I worked on my tic-tac-toe box for a older girl. I had to finish gluing on the ribbon and making the game pieces. Thankfully if I messed up on gluing the ribbon to the box it didn’t tear like like the bracelet boxes did. So I was able to straighten the ribbons when needed. The game pieces where easier to make, just some cute buttons and then some plain ones glued together. The cute ones on top and the plain ones on the bottom. I used sparkly buttons and gold buttons both from my Grandma. I have all of my Grandmas old buttons. She slowly started giving them to me till I had them all. LOL.

Here are the boxes that we made or in some cases filled because they came that cute! But the one with the sparkles and flowers I decorated one day when inspiration must of hit me. I look at it now and it is really pretty but I think to myself “what was I thinking.” πŸ™‚

We had a lot of fun making these boxes together. It was nice to just sit and talk while crafting and just spending time just the two of us. Even though sometimes my Papa would sit and watch us. But as soon as I would ask if he wanted to help there was always something in the kitchen that he need to do. LOL. He doesn’t mind woodworking and building but apparently don’t ask him to do crafts. πŸ™‚

I still have a few more boxes that I would like to do still. First aid kits being one of the ideas that I would like to do. I had trouble on deciding what to put in a first aid box because of the restrictions. Not being able to place Neosporin or nail clippers in them. Even though I may need to call and ask if we are aloud to send nail clippers. We are aloud to send scissors. But anyway we came up with, with the help of Pinterest, Band-aids, Q-tips, Cotton balls, nail file, tissues, mask’s, lots of people seem to put safety pins in them also, maybe tweezers (again I need to call and ask), and gauze. I’m sure there is more that can be sent but these are a few things that we thought of and more.

Anyway we had fun and I hope to fill some tins and boxes soon with my Mama. πŸ™‚

~Till Tomorrow~


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