~Family Visiting~

Hey Everyone,

I hope you had a good week last week! LOL. I know that I did with my family visiting. My Mimi and Papa came for a visit and got to meet my little Niece for the first time. They were so excited to meet her and she just really started to warmed up to them right before they had to head home. At first she just wanted to be in my arms and stared at them wide eyed. My Mama said that it looked like she wasn’t blinking. But as time went on that night she danced to her favorite song and she got comfortable enough to give some funny looks to my Mimi. She didn’t want to be close to her but she loved listening to my Mimi talk.

My little Niece still stayed the night on Friday but we had to do some rearranging to make it work. Our guestroom is also her bedroom. So my parents thought about it and work it out for the week. She stayed in their closet because it is the size of a little bedroom. My craft room I covered up all the stuff she could get into with fabric then turned it into her playroom. She seemed to like having things in new places. By the time she went to bed she was so tired it didn’t take very long for my Mama to get her to go to sleep, she actually wanted to be put in her crib.

My brother and his family came over everyday while my Mimi and Papa where here. So my little Niece I believe started to think that Mimi and Papa where living here now. She loved dancing with Mimi and playing make believe with Papa. She just wanted to show off for them and say their names over and over again. The first night after she met them her Mama sent a video of her saying Mimi nonstop for quite awhile. She sounded like she was demanding to see her. Then the next night when she had her sleep over she surprised us and said Papa for the first time without much prompting.

We didn’t do lots while they where here, we didn’t want to go out much. Well not as much as what we used to when they visited. But we did like watching the old tv shows on METV at night and my Mimi and I did some OCC crafting during the week while at home. But when they did go out it was mostly to the grocery store. But my little Niece and her Mama did have a fun day with my Mama and Mimi on Monday. They went to Target and then McDonald’s. I stayed home with my Papa, we just sat around talking with my Papa telling me stories about their home. He loves to share stories about growing up and what it was like when he was in the Army as well. So lots of family stories shared during the week.

During a couple of nights last week we worked on a book called the Grandma book. My Mimi and I started it and then my Mama, Mimi and I worked on it the next day. It has questions about her parents and grandparents, then questions about her growing up. We got to hear all about her living in Israel for a year when she was a teen. About her life living with her grandma and how she met my Papa. It was fun and we had some good laughs. We didn’t get to finish it but hope to do more of it over the phone.

By Tuesday my little Niece was so used to seeing them that she came to the front door and peaked around it towards the chairs they always sit in. It was so cute to see her do that. She knows their favorite spots to sit. She got to the point that she would hand Papa things and start stacking them on his lap that night. She then would take all but one thing back from him and place them back. Then she would start all over again. So he had DVD’s and stuffed animals pilled up on him over and over again. It was really funny to watch. He would try and trick her to take the last thing in his lap but she almost always would hand him something else first. LOL.

I could go on and on about their visit but feel like I should just go ahead and share pictures with y’all now. I don’t have any with my Mimi and Papa because I’m not sure that they wanted their pictures shared. But I do have twelve of my little Niece to share with y’all today. šŸ™‚

Alright before I go for the night I ask again for y’alls prayers. My Uncle M is still in the hospital and isn’t doing well. I don’t know much but I do know that he isn’t getting enough oxygen. Please pray that the Lord will fill his lungs with His breath and that my Uncles body fights the infections that he has. As I said I don’t know much it is hard to get information when it has to go through so many people. We all are kind of playing a game of phone this week when it comes to getting information. Thank you!

~Till Tomorrow~


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