~A Week Late Post~

Hey Everyone,

I have lots of pictures to share with y’all today. So sorry that I haven’t been posting like I should. We have had a busy couple of weeks and now my Mimi and Papa are here! There have been lots that we have been wanting to get do before they got here, so a lot of yard work has got done the week before. We are feeling very accomplished and are glad we got all that we were able to do. Especially because it has been raining quite a lot this past week and weekend.

So as I have said we have been doing a lot of yard work and then still going through things for the yard sale. We where going to have on the 7th but it rained all morning and a bit in the afternoon. So we have to wait again to have the yard sale, till after my Mimi and Papa have to head back home. It feels like they just got here and it’s sad to think that they will be leaving Thursday. But I have pictures of all the yard work that was done and further down I have before and after pictures to share with y’all.

“We started out painting the chicken coop green, all it needs now is the trim painted yellow. We also painted the thing hiding the trash cans. I don’t know what to call it.:) While we were painting and dancing to music from Mama Mia I decided to work on making butter. I ended up giving up shaking the container that you see in the picture with my water bottle and used a small food processor. So we now have whipped butter. Not the best multitasking idea. LOL.”

“Have have also been getting rid of a lot of brush and the old chicken coop. My brother took a sledge hammer to it. It didn’t take much before it came done. So we had all the old chicken wire and coop just laying there that we needed to take to the dump.”

The last two paragraphs that are highlighted are from last week that I typed out but clearly never posted. I was very tired when I typed them and now that I have read them again I noticed that they aren’t the most clear of paragraphs. But I decided to keep them any why. Below are the before and after pictures from around the front and backyard. It looks so pretty with everything cleaned up and the bushes trimmed. πŸ™‚

We didn’t just take down a old coop we bought a small one to replace it. This little coop is going to be the one that is used when one of the chickens gets sick. If you don’t separate them from the others they all can get sick. We found with chickens that you can only do so much for them when their ill. A lot of times sadly they die. So its best to keep them separated if we think one of them is come down with something.

But anyway that is why we have this new cute little coop. All we need to do is attach the run and finish painting it green like the big coop. My Mama found it on Wayfair I think and it’s supposed to be able to house four chickens. I think maybe two, three if they are small. But then again I just feel better when they have more space. I feel bad seeing them all cramped up in little places.

My Dad and I put it together. My poor Dad I gave him a hard time about his organizing of the pieces during putting the coop together. I always look everything through first before starting not my Dad. He just starts and hopes for the best. He had started on the coop before I realized it. I had wanted to help. I find building things fun. By the time I got down to the basement to help him he had already had done what is in the first two photos. He’s good at what he does.

But I found that while going over the instructions that he used the wrong screws. LOL. He said that they all looked alike how was he to now. All I have to say is by counting them. He was laughing at me by the time we where done. I had all the screws counted and organized and the steps planned out the best that I was able. πŸ™‚ When we work together it really makes things easier and faster.

Ok before I go for the night I have two pictures of my little Niece. She likes her happy meals. πŸ™‚ She doesn’t get them often but she does love the chicken nuggets. She loves dipping them in ketchup. I remember before she turned one that she was dipping chips in salsa. LOL. She’s funny that way.

Ok one more thing before I go. As I was typing this post I found out my Uncle M is in the hospital. He has COVID that may have turned into Pneumonia. So I’m going to ask for prayer for both him and my Auntie because she is sick as well. Thank you!

Pray you all are well!

~Till Tomorrow~


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