~Samaritan’s Purse~

Hey Everyone,

Did you know that the people that do OCC also do so much more. They are called Samaritan’s Purse and they don’t just have Operation Christmas Child. No they have many different things that the Lord has called them too! Here is a list of them below.

  • International Crisis Response
  • U.S Disaster Relief
  • World Medical Mission
  • Greta Home and Academy
  • Children’s Heart Project
  • Operation Heal our Patriots
  • The Greatest Journey
  • And of course Operation Christmas Child!

I am Writing this post like this because Samaritans Purse is asking for help. The International Crisis Response is asking for donations but also prayer. The people of the Middle East are really in need of prayer as they continue to deal with the trauma of war, sickness, and economic crisis. Many families have been torn apart, many have no place to called home. The Middle East is in crisis and about the country of Yemen is being said by Samaritan’s Purse “The situation here is now the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.”

The worst humanitarian crisis! The people there are in real need of prayer and help. The rest of the Middle East isn’t doing much better. From Yemen, Syria, and Iraq. These are the countries that are mentioned but I am sure there are many more.

“In the midst of this rich and varied context, Samaritan’s Purse is helping the vulnerable of any religious background. For their safety, we can’t tell you their names or specific locations, but please pray with us that they will know that there is hope in the midst of the chaos.”

“We can alleviate some of the crisis for some families,” said our country director for Yemen. “We can redeem the suffering at least to a small degree and that small degree can make a world of difference.” (Samaritanspurse.com)

I believe that even if you can’t donate money now that your prayers mean just as much if not even more. I also believe that through OCC and packing shoeboxes we can help the people of the Middle East. I always have felt that the Lord has placed OCC in a special place in my heart. He often reminds me that though I may not be able to give in other ways in this one I can help reach many for Him. 🙂

So if you are a OCC lover like I am and can’t give money right now. I ask you to pray for the people of the Middle East.

“These nations where so many fight for survival are the lands of the Bible. Abraham, Paul, and the Queen of Sheba walked here. Their legacy of faith lives on in the resilient minority of Christians who remain. “Persecuted, but not forsaken; struck down, but not destroyed,” (2 Corinthians 4:9) their light shines brightly in the darkness.”

When national collection week come just maybe one or more of the boxes you fill will go to one of these nations that in crisis. Maybe not just the children but the parents and whole family will come to now the Lord.

~Till Tomorrow~


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