~Harry Potter Day And A Little More~

Hey Everyone,

Thank you everyone for being understanding about me not posting anything last week. I am feeling much better now and am happy to be doing my blog again. πŸ™‚

Ok so I had a slow week last week till I remembered that my friends and I wanted to have a Harry Potter day on Saturday, to try out my Harry Potter cookbook. Once I remembered that I decided that I would decorate for it. I love to decorate and my friends had decided to choose July 31st to come over because it is the birthday chosen by J.K. Rowling for Harry Potter. I’m not sure but it may also be her birthday as well. πŸ™‚

So because I love to decorate and to get my mind off things I had fun making Hedwig balloons and paper signs to put up in the kitchen and dinning room. The 9 3/4 sign went on the front door for them to see when they got here. The Gryffindor Lion and banner went in the kitchen. In the dinning room the balloons went up with red and yellow streamers. My Mama even got a happy birthday sign while she was out the day before. I told her it was a little weird to put up a happy birthday sign for a fictional character. But she said I was decorating for it already so why not. LOL. She had a good point. She even got gold paper plates and silver plastic utensils that worked really well for the Great Hall theme.

The candles on the table I made back in 2018 for my friend E’s birthday that year. My Mama and I had surprised her with a Hogwarts party. So all the house colors and a sorting cake that said Mischief Managed with little foot prints on it like the map. So that is where I got the idea to decorate for last Saturday.

So we made Harry’s Birthday cake, pumpkin juice, and Sheppards pie. The cake looked so nice then I put the gauche on it and the Happy Birthday, then not so much. The green frosting did not setup so it ran all over the cake. My friend D said that I needed to finish writing it on the cake. I had decided to stop and just did happy and thought about even scrapping it off. But no she said it needed to be finished so we did. It may not look pretty but it worked. I think it really looked like Hagrid wrote it. πŸ™‚

We where really happy with what we made. I love baking not so much cooking so it was really nice that everything turned out really good. The cake especially was good. It was like a chocolate fudge cake. YUM!!!

While dinner was cooking we started a board game called Hogwarts clue. D won that game and I wasn’t even close. I haven’t really played clue before so I was a little slow to the up take. But I feel like that just made it a little more fun. At least for me. I forgot how much I liked playing board games. We also had the Chamber of Secrets going while we cooked then watched the deleted scenes before they left. We had fun and plan on doing something similar again some time later this year.

Ok because I didn’t really do much last week. So here are some things that we will be doing this week and next. We are having our yard sale on Saturday. We had planned to have it last Saturday day but my friends and I ended up hanging out. So on Saturday we are definitely having it. We also found out today that my Mimi and Papa are coming up to visit and meet my Little Niece for the first time. So they are very excited. My Papa has been trying to get here since last December. But things just kept coming up and with COVID it just made it a little harder.

But today my Mimi called and said that they could be here on the 12th. It will be so nice it see them again! My Little Niece is going through a shy stage right now so hopefully she warms up to them quickly.

Ok so that is all I really have for today other then some pictures of my little Niece and my cat Albus to share with y’all. Also a picture she colored while visiting last night. I hope y’all are well!!!

~Till Tomorrow~


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