~Busy Week And Fun Weekend~

Hey Everyone,

Hope your weekend was well!

My week was busy and full and now I’m just tired. LOL. My little Niece slept over twice last week and she tends to wear me out. She is just full of energy. Even though she was a lot less energetic on Wednesday than she was on Saturday. Saturday night she was very energetic and ran around and fast walked around the couch what feels like fifty times. She was playing with my Mama and laughing so hard that she was silent laughing out one point. All my Mama was doing is roaring and acting like she was going to get her. My little Niece thought it hilarious. šŸ™‚

It really help when she went to bed that night. She was out like a light by nine thirty. But my cat Albus decided to help me when she woke up at two am by barging into the room. I was getting her out of the crib for my Mama and he wanted in the room also. Needless to say it took a bit longer for my Mama to get her back down. Albus didn’t want to leave the room and it is hard to get a black cat out of a dark room. I didn’t know where he was at first. I had to get the treat bag out and then he still didn’t come. Apparently he didn’t hear it and my Mama had to push him out the door once he was sitting next to it. That darn cat. You got to love him. šŸ™‚

But we had fun this week with my little Niece and watching her learn new things. Like she pointed to the cow when my Mama asked her where the cow was. She used a straw for the first time because she wanted my protein drink. She said my name for the first time as well. šŸ™‚ Took me by surprise! She has started to fake cry when she wants attention and is just starting to show frustration when the toy doesn’t do what she wants it to do. So yeah she is learning and growing up fast.

But on of the things she really loves to help us with is putting the chickens away. I did it with her last night for the first time by myself. Good thing she wants to be held a lot right now. Because trying to herd chickens and look after a running one year old wouldn’t have been fun. I was able to get one chicken in but not her sister. Thankfully my Dad came outside at that point. My little Niece then help us by shaking a branch on the Japanese maple tree that the chickens like to hang out under. It was so cute to watch her help like that then come to me to help me get the chicken to the chicken run.

Here are some pictures of her at our house and then playing in her water pool at their house.

Other things that we have been doing last week and this week. Is that we are getting ready to have a yard sale by the end of this month if it doesn’t rain. So we have been going through things in the hallway. The hall is wide and is like a storage space right now. My Mama wants her hallway back and I don’t blame her. It has been this way for a while and it is time that its clean and organized. So we started on the hallway then worked on the stairwell down to the basement that holds extras like paper towels and the ice cream maker. Then all the way down to the basement. We haven’t finished going through all the stuff down stairs but we got a lot done in one day I think.

The yard sale pile is slowly getting bigger and I hope lots of people come when we have it.

This week I need to really get to crocheting, because my table at the Farm Stand is getting bare. All the animals that I had made sold as well as headbands. My Mama and already restocked on headbands but I haven’t on animals. So owls, loins, seals, elephants, monkeys, penguins, and puppy are in need of being made. I also need to start crocheting farm animals for around here I think.

Maybe I need to crochet a gopher because we seem to have them all around here. We had one in our backyard a couple of days ago. Our cat Slippers wanted to go after it and I had to stop her. The poor gopher got in the yard but then had trouble getting out. But I’m glad we haven’t seen it again and not just because of Slippers, but because it was in the garden! We have one plant and it is not aloud to have it. A tomato plant grew from the compost in the planter box. So we now have little pear tomatoes growing in the garden.

Ok so lastly before I go for the night is my friends and I are going to have a Harry Potter day on the 31st after our yard sale. We decided to have this fun day because I was given a Harry Potter cookbook for Christmas and I wanted to do some of the recipes with my friends. I just am having trouble deciding on which recipes to use. Any Harry Potter fans out there that have any ideas. Feel free to share. I would love to hear what ideas you have!

~Till Tomorrow~


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