~OCC Get Together Update~

Hey Everyone,

So y’all have probably have noticed that my friends and I haven’t had a OCC get together in a while. We have been trying too but our schedules and illnesses have gotten in the way. But yesterday we were able to have a crafting day for the first time in months. I have been wanting to make tins for the shoeboxes for a while so we started that yesterday and had fun while creating.

My friend E made peg dolls to put in a couple of boxes. She painted them up and started making hair for them. I don’t know how she’s going to go about doing hair for peg dolls but I’m interested in finding out. Last I saw she was braiding yarn. πŸ™‚ I need to make some tins for them but haven’t started the them yet. I think I need to look in to a couple of larger ones. The small ones that I have are circle in shape and won’t work for them and the altoids tins are not tall enough. I’m hoping to make some little doll beds out of the tins though for the ones she’s making.

I have some bigger tins but already have plans for those. I hope to do some magnet games with them. They are also winter themed and I would like to do a penguin that is iceskating in one of them. The next one is a go size for the fishing game for the younger kids. You know the one where you have felt or fabric fish with a magnet in them, and then you have a little fishing pole with and another little magnet on the end of the string. I used to play that game at church all the time. I was a lot of fun when I was little. I was remind about this game when I found it on Pinterest.

Oh, but there are so many different things you can do with tins and little boxes. Yesterday I started making a tic tac toe box for an older girl. I was hoping to finish it today, but I did get a good start on it. I really shouldn’t have started it so late last night though. That just means that I had more time to think about what I wanted to do about decorating it. πŸ™‚

Also some of the things that I hope to make for the older girls are more sewing kits and lego tins. For the older boys I hope to make lego tins as well. I already have one dinosaur tin made and have another started. I just can’t remember where I placed it last when hiding it from my little Niece. LOL.

There are so many cool ideas on Pinterest that I’m not sure what I’ll make next. I really want to make them all! I find it fun and just love crafting.

Now my friend D made a tin for an older girl yesterday and made a peg doll as well. She made the lego tin for the older girl in the photos. She wants to put the legos in when she visits again.

As for the tic tac toe box, I started it but haven’t finished it clearly. I bedazzled the lid and want to put ribbon around the edges and inside it as well. I also need to make the game pieces. I am going to use buttons for the pieces I just need to pick them out. My friend E gave me some really cute buttons that I think I’m going to use for the game. They are ladybugs and butterflies buttons. My friends always seem to find the coolest things to put in the shoeboxes. πŸ™‚

E was the one to find the really cool scissors for the little sewing kits. There is a picture of it above. They are the little green scissors. When ever you need anything sewing related E is the one to ask. She is really good at find things like that and also really cute stuffed animals for the younger kids. D also finds cool stuff for the boxes and is good at finding really cute shirts for the older kids boxes. She also is good at finding toys that I would never think to pick out. It makes packing boxes so much more fun when we all bring our unique finds for the boxes and put them together. Because when you pack shoeboxes each year you tend to start getting the same things over and over again. But having friends help always brings a new prospective.

~Till Tomorrow~


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