~My Little Niece Update~

Hey Everyone,

I hope y’alls week was good, I know that mine was!

Ok so today I have a lot about my little Niece so yeah! Hope that’s ok!

On Thursday we got quite a bit of rain because we got hit by the really outer edge of the tropical storm Elsa. It didn’t storm or anything it just rained and rained. It was really nice afterwards because it cooled off quite nicely. My little Niece got a chance to play outside while it was just drizzling a little. Her Mama sent pictures and it looks like she was having fun. Even if she doesn’t understand why she needs to wear her rain coat. 🙂

Like most kids her age she doesn’t understand why she has to wear clothes yet but she does love her shoes.

After a short little bit of cooler weather that lasted maybe a day. LOL. The summer humidity really set in. It has been in what the news people call in the excessive humidity range apparently. You can definitely feel it. I have been staying inside in less I need to go out. Which I did on Sunday because my Brothers family wants to have Sunday dinners and yesterday it was at their house. The house is on the smaller side and they don’t have a dinning room table yet so we eat in the living room. Afterwards we go outside and hangout.My little Niece loves that part she wants to walk all over the yard and show us the flowers. Yesterday I did some more gardening at their house and my little Niece so wanted to get in there and help me. There is flowers growing in the garden that we didn’t realize where there. She wanted to help me weed and than pick the flowers I just know it. 🙂

Because of the heat being in the 90s last week she had to stay inside a lot more so I have a couple of pictures of her having fun inside. One of the pictures is of her holding a picture from a newspaper. Sometimes to try and get us to buy the paper, we get a free one. Well that happened over at their house and my little Niece found the pic of the loin fascinating. She ended up taking it to her room and sat down and just studied it. I find that really cute.

As has become our routine she comes over on Fridays and spends the night. We had the usually fun time. But what I wanted to share with you is pictures from later the next day after her nap. We ended up getting pictures later from her Mama and they are just to cute. They took her too McDonalds and she got her first happy meal. From the look on her face she was definitely happy. 🙂 Here are the pics of their McDonald trip.

Everything with my little Niece is just fun lately. She is a joy to be around and she has really become our world in the past couple of years. That means before she was even born. Because of all this she has a room at our house that was the guest room. But now it’s hers. My Mama just found a rug for the room today while she was out. It’s a pretty rose pink that goes with the butterflies on the curtains. My little Niece knows that this rooms is hers even before my Mama decorated it.

Well I could go on and on about my little Niece all day. But I should go.

~Till Tomorrow~


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