~OCC Family And Children’s Resources~

Hey Everyone,

Today I have for you a little bit about one of the OCC resources that Samaritan’s Purse offers, and that is free family and children’s downloads and videos. They have lessons and activities, promotional resources, videos made for kids as well as articles.

The downloads are free and can be used in Church groups or just OCC groups. If you want to advertise about OCC and try and start a group of your own, this is a great way to get the materials that you would need to help you get started. It has actives like word search, coloring pages, and a sheet called the Gospel Alphabet Scripture memory tool. It has a scripture for every letter from A-Z. I know a little bit of a mouth full but it is really cool!

They even have a download called 7 ideas for family impact. This download is made for families that want to teach their children about Operation Christmas Child. It gives ideas in seven steps about how to make the OCC shoebox packing process for start to finish fun and meaningful. Its a simple two sheet download and that also gives you ideas on what to put in a shoebox if you’re struggling.

And of course they have videos that are made for kids. They are made in a way that children understand and hopeful will have fun watching. They are short little clips from thirty seconds to almost four minutes.

Here’s a one of the videos that they offer that I found cute.

Sorry I don’t know if the video is going to work or not. It is having trouble uploading. But I hope that it will work for you! ๐Ÿ™‚

Now they also offer one thing that is not free. That would be the Operation Christmas Child Musical. When you click on the link it sends you KathieHillMusic.com. On this site you can order everything that you would need for the musical from cds to sheet music and script sheets. The musical is made for 1st-8th grade and has about ten solos. At least that is what it says on the website. So if your church needs a new musical for Christmas why not The Operation Christmas Child Musical. ๐Ÿ™‚

Don’t forget they also have promotional downloads if you need them that are free as well as inspirational articles about kids helping kids.

Samaritans Purse offers quite a lot, feel free to go to their website and check it out!

~Till Tomorrow~


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