~1 John 2:5~

“But whoever keeps His word, in Him truly the love of God is perfected.” 1 John 2:5

How often do you read the Lords word?

I know that I go through times that I read His word everyday. Then there are times that I don’t. But during the times that I fail to spend time with Him, His word is still with me in my heart.

With His word in my heart, it helps me to follow His leading. To know what He would desire of me to do in that moment or the next. To remind me that I am loved and cared for. To remember to watch my words and actions. To keep faith when all feels hopeless. To remind me that faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains. To remind me that I’m not alone.

He does this for all His children. Because He loves us. The love of God is perfected in those that follow and obey His word. That even when they question why, they still obey because they have faith in Him. Everyday when we obey and follow Him we become closer to Him, we come closer to His love. God’s love is perfect. So, when we live in God’s love His love is perfected in us.

~Till Tomorrow~


P.S. Sorry it’s so short. 🙂

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