~Happy 4th Of July~

Hey Everyone,

I hope that you all have had a good 4th! I know that I did. We celebrated on Saturday and Sunday.

On Friday my little Niece stayed over, so she was a little confused to see us again so soon on Saturday evening. We went to my brothers house and had dinner that night then just hung out outside talking and playing with my little Niece. Our favorite thing to do! šŸ™‚

We had fun sitting outside watching my little Niece play with her water table and walking around the yard talking. We even found a little frog and she wanted to grab it out of my hand. I did not let her though because she would either squish the poor thing or put it in her mouth. All I have to say to that is yuck!

Now I did make sure that I got some gardening done while at their house. They want to do gardening but are overwhelmed. The garden was already set up by the last owner but wasn’t kept up. So it is covered in weeds and old wood. The boxes are already setup and a bean trellis is still in one. But it is very overgrown. The pervious owner really liked flowers and exotic flowers and they are all over the yard. They even have a two or three banana trees. So while weeding sometimes I was wondering if I was pulling up a flower plant or a weed. LOL. It was really hard to tell. A lot of the flowers I have never seen before.

Anyway here are some pictures from Saturday!

My Mama got her this dress! Isn’t it cute?

So on Sunday evening, last night, they came here. We had hamburgers and hotdogs with my Mama’s corn dish. They stayed a lot longer than I think they meant to, they got here at five thirty and didn’t leave till after nine. By that time my little Niece was quite tired. She played outside after dinner till they realized that they needed to head home and get her to bed. šŸ™‚

My little Niece was introduce to a lot of new things yesterday and she did really well if it all I think. She got to play in a sandbox for the first time yesterday that my Mama made from her old pink pool. She seemed to like rubbing the sand all over her feet and hands. It was so cute to watch her digging in the sand.

After that we did some fireworks that my Mama got. My brother loves setting off fireworks. I always seem to forget till the next 4th then I’m like ‘oh yeah, I forgot he gets so excited’. LOL. It just so happens that my little Nieces Mama is the same way. So after they finished with the fireworks that my Mama had bought they went out for more. Thankfully the ones that they brought back were mostly sparklers, so that my little Niece didn’t get scared and the ones that they did get were a lot of fun to watch and where the biggest ones we have ever done before. We usually just get the packs from Food Lion. They are little glitter bombs and stuff like that. They give you a little spark and burst then are over with.

So after all of that we had S’mores and brought out the glow-stick Frisbee and twirlers. My little Niece didn’t seem to know what to do with all this new stuff. Some times we would ask can you tell is she crying or laughing. So we would stop doing whatever it was that we where doing and try and figure it out. Just to find that she was crying and laughing at the same time. So yeah we had fun. šŸ™‚ It is always nice to have family nights like that and just hang out.

Here are the picture from last night.

I forgot to mention my Dad even gave my little Niece her first wheelbarrel ride. She seemed to like it for a short time before she just had to be on the move again. She wants to walk everywhere on her own now.

Before I go for tonight here are five more pictures that I wanted to share with y’all taken at their house.

~Till Tomorrow~


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