~Ocean Twinkle~

“Blue mixing into purple, shell of dancing light. Beautifully colorful and a creation of God’s love. Happiness in the bottom of an ocean deep and wide. Star’s of bone that twinkle in their night. Violet colors spreading through water making it so bright. And whites bringing in the light. The Lord above sees deep below to the beauty He’s created so long ago.”

~by Jen~ (7/02/2021)

~I see a sea Shell~

I’m pretty sure I was bored when I named this painting. I did it back in 2017 and the picture does not really bring out the colors that I used. The lighting just isn’t right today. But I wrote this poem earlier and hope you like it. It is different than I usually do and was as always unsure about it. But I decided to go ahead and post it anyway. 🙂

Hope y’all are well!

~Till Monday~


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