~OCC July Gift List And Theme~

Hey Everyone,

It’s the first of July already! That means another gift list coming up. 🙂 This month is clothing items.

Now what to get to put in the boxes. I find as always the 2-4 is the easiest to buy for because you have more room in their boxes. So you can buy them a whole outfit if you so desired. It also helps that their clothing is smaller and means you can fit more in to the boxes as well. But when you get to the 5-9 to 10-14 it gets harder. Trying to fit bigger clothing in boxes along with all the school supplies and for the girls hairbrushes tends to be harder. So think about things like socks or maybe underwear. I really never think about the underwear but I know others that do. Also shirts are good too. Where as for the younger kids you can do a whole outfit for the older kids you may only be able to to one article of clothing. So really pray about what the Lord is asking you place in that boxes you never know what he may really have in mind that the child needs the most.

Ok so the theme for the month is Farm Animals!

That one should be easy enough. My little Niece loves farm animals, mainly chickens and horses. But you can choose any farm animal you want. This theme was inspired by a post I found a couple of years ago of a lady you did a box totally cow themed. It was so cute and it just looked fun to do. So you can choose to do all farm animals or just one it is up to you. Have fun with it and think outside the box! Just make sure it fits in the box as well in the end. LOL. 🙂

~Till Tomorrow~


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