~Crocheting And My Little Niece~

Hey Everyone,

I hope y’alls June has been fun! It is always hard to believe how fast a month goes by. We have had sleepovers, a birthday, fathers day, and we started on fixing up the backyard. It has been a busy but fun month for us!

Last week I worked outside some, working in the garden in the evenings when it is in the shade. As I have said before we are putting mulch over the whole garden and on my side of the garden, it is being weeded first. It is a lot more work than I thought it would be. I didn’t think that it would be easy but I didn’t think that it would take so long to do either. 🙂 But the progress is so cool to watch because at the end you feel so accomplished. I really do feel like Wow I did all that! That is awesome! So yeah it maybe taking a lot longer than I hoped but it is worth it in the end.

Below I have four pictures to share with you. The first three pictures are of the purple blanket that I crocheted. Hopefully they all load for y’all. It needed to be stretched and steamed again because it was starting to curled up in the middle (again). When I crocheted it I didn’t use a pattern and my stitch was very tight so it curled when I finished it.

My Mama bought these exercise floor mats that you can connect together for me to use when I need to steam one of my crocheted projects. They really work! I can use all of them for a really big blanket or only one of them for a little doily. My Mimi also left me her big steamer that she used to use for her curtains and it makes the job so much easier than before. I used to use my little hand held steamer. It was kind of like a tea kettle size. But it would take me a long time to finish one baby blanket. Thank you Mimi for the steamer my Mama and I both love it!

The last picture is of my cat Albus, he thinks he’s hiding. LOL.

My little Niece stayed the night on Saturday instead of Friday this week. We had fun playing outside! She loves being outdoors. She also really loves the chickens and for the first time this week she helped us put the chickens away by chasing them and laughing the whole time. Usually she is in the stroller but this time she did her version of running. It’s like watching a speed walker right now but she’s almost running. She also found that she likes the tractor. At first it seemed to scare her but after singing wheels on the tractor go round and round she wanted on it instead. I have a picture that my Mama took of her sitting on the tractor quite happy with herself. We pretend that the horn works and that we are driving through the yard.

We also have found out this weekend that she has really started talking even more than last week. We don’t know what she is saying but she has a lot to say at the same time. LOL.

On Sunday my Mama introduced her to finger painting for the first time. She wasn’t sure at first but eventually got into it. But every time she was done with one color she wanted her hands washed. I find that funny. I hope she loves art when she gets older. I mostly do arts and crafts when not working outside. That would be something I would love to be able to do with her as she grows up. 🙂

I’m sure that there is more but right now I can’t really think of anything. So at is all for now!

~Till Tomorrow~


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