~Yard work and Father’s Day~

Hey Everyone,

So I have been thinking. I have been having trouble doing my blog on the days that I say that I am lately. So I have come up with a new schedule that I’m going to try this week. Today is going to be about my week last week. Then tomorrow will be the devotion, Wednesday and Thursday will be the same as before, but Friday will be the Poem, Verse, or Quote. So yeah I’m going to try that out this week and maybe it will work out better for me. 🙂

I haven’t really done posts on how my week has been lately because my little Niece comes over on and stays the night on Fridays and I just forget to do my blog. At first I thought that I would just then move that post too Saturdays and clearly that hasn’t worked. I also have been struggling with the devotions for Mondays so I’m hoping having one extra day to write it will help as well.

Ok so what I have been up to lately? Well lots of yard work and gardening that’s what. We had eight trees taken down that I posted about a while back. Well just a week ago my parents had the tree stumps ground up into mulch. My Dad has a friend who has a tree stump grinder so he hired him. Instead of just doing the eight stumps and he ended up doing ten tree stumps. We had two trees that were cut down a since moving here but never thought to do anything about them before. But when you have eight big pine tree stumps throughout the back yard making it hard to mow the lawn then you think about doing something about them. 🙂

because of that and we know have lots of mulch for the garden! Which I am very excited about. I have been picking up sticks and pinecones to put through the wood chipper to make mulch. But that takes a long time when you have such a little wood chipper. This past week has been really nice outside and I was out there working in the yard and garden Monday-Thursday. I would have done more on Friday but my little Niece was over and I spent time with her instead.

We are also decided to take down a big part of the chicken run. We don’t have enough chickens for it and it only seems to trap squirrels and birds that find their way in somehow. It’s not fun trying to get them out either. So right now the backyard is a mess. But when you do projects it always seems to get messier before it gets better. Here are some pictures of the backyard I have to share with y’all.

As you can see it’s a mess right now but it does looks better I think then it did. The garden really looks a lot better than it did. I will be working on it till the whole garden is covered in mulch. 🙂

Ok lastly before I have to get off the computer. I am using my parents computer right now and am hogging right now. LOL. A little bit about how my little Niece has been and Fathers day yesterday. It also just so happen to be my brothers Birthday yesterday as well. 🙂

My little Niece has really started to talk a lot. She is trying to say anything she can as long as you don’t really prompt her to say something. Like if you try to get her to say your name she won’t try but all of the sudden she well say something like what sounds like no thank you and whatever else she fancies to say. She also is really starting to try and run not just walk. It’s really cute to see her run because it looks like speed walking not running yet. She has gotten so big so fast! Where has the time gone.

They were over yesterday for Father’s Day and my Brothers birthday. We had fun we had my brothers favorite dinner which is steak, shrimp, and mash potatoes. My Mama add a vegetable in there to go with it. We had corn and green peas. After dinner we had an ice-cream cake and brownies that I made the night before. Then we just hung out outside and kicked the soccer ball around while my little Niece played in the yard and in her little pool. We had fun and I hope to do it again sometime soon. 🙂

OK, I really should get of the computer. 🙂

~Till Tomorrow~


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