~Rain And Sleepovers~

Hey Everyone,

I hope your week has been well!

This week the Lord has blessed us with much needed rain. My favorite time was when it was sunny outside but still raining. 🙂 It has been in the 90’s and the rain has helped cool it down some. But the summer humidity has started already. We had a bit of a draught for a little while and everything was starting to get a little brown. But with the rain that we have had it is gotten green again.

The weatherman said that we may get thunderstorms but as of yet they have been around us not over us. Ever since moving here the bad weather really doesn’t hit here. I remember watching the news when I was younger and seeing that during the winter it snowed a lot here compared where we lived then. So when we moved here I was excited! We have had a couple of big snow storms here but it hasn’t really snowed here like it used to. Thunder and snow storms just seem to pass by us. Thankfully though we still get there rain from those storms even if we don’t get the thunder and lighting most of the time.

I’m a little scared of storms but at the same time think they are awesome so I am missing them a little.

So my brother and his family have been in their new place for a couple of weeks now. So far we have had my little Niece here twice for a sleepover. We are hoping to make it a once a week thing but we also want her to settle in her new house. Which she loves by the way! She loves her new room and also playing outside in the yard. She really is a little country girl! She loves picking flowers and loves animals. She and her Mama take daily walks and go see the neighbors horses. One time a beaver even ran in front of them during their walk down the road.

We don’t really have neighborhoods to walk around so you either walk your driveway or walk down the road if its a quite one. My parents and I just walk the driveway but my brothers family live on a quite road compared to here.

They also have a nice yard. The pervious owner had planted lots of irises around the yard and it is beautiful! They are slowly decorating the inside of the house it and it is really coming along nice.

But back to my little Niece, she has been having sleepovers here and we have been having lots of fun. We listen to music and dance, feed the chickens puffs, take walks, read books, and just have fun. She likes to roll around on my parents king sized bed and climb the pillows as well as roll in the blankets. She finds it hilarious. 🙂 She also really likes it when you chase her for some reason. We go behind her and say I’m going to get-cha get-cha over and over again. All the while she is laughing her head off, it’s really cute. She was here last night so we are a little tired today. . My little Niece starts her day sometime between 6:30-8am most days. My Mama and Dad watch her and I get up a little later and hangout with her till her parents get here. So yeah a little bit tired. 🙂 But a good tired.

Ok so here are some pictures to end this post for today!

~Till Monday~


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