~OCC June Gift List And Theme~

Hey Everyone,

Happy June! This months gift for OCC is Quality Toys. 🙂 From dolls and jump-ropes to soccer balls and cards. There are so many different toys out there now a days. But remember that you can’t put anything in the box that may be in anyway war related. No water guns, army figures, play swords, or anything else that may seem war related. I happen to know that it is sometimes hard to find toys now a days that don’t have something to do with superheroes that use some type of weapon or in cameo wearing war paint. At least that seems to be the action figures out there for boys.

So go with toy cars, yo-yos, nerf balls, deck of cards, water toys that you get of the tub for the younger kids, play doh and so much more. Have fun with it! What are some of the things that you liked to play with as a kid? I liked puzzles and crafts. My brother liked sports and fishing. My Mama liked barbies and making clothes for them. My dad liked soccer and things to do outside.

Theme for the month is weather! Think sunshine, clouds, rain, and rainbows! I thought of this theme earlier today when looking outside at the storm clouds. We have been having sunshine one minute and rain clouds the next. So that is why weather is the theme for the month. 🙂 Have fun while doing this theme. What are some of the things that you can find that fit the theme for this month?

~Till Tomorrow~


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